Charlie is 18 months!

18 months is a big one.  When Charlie was colicky from about 3 weeks old to 8 months, it was hard and felt like it was going to be a long time until 18 months ever rolled around.  But we are here now.   God just did that to make us stronger. Life has been very, very busy but Charlie is such a trooper.  I think sometimes he can sense stress and he calms us, makes us laugh and distracts us from life and its craziness.

He has been understanding so much more as well.  Just if I am talking to him, he knows what I am saying!  It is still so frustrating to him that he can't say what he wants or needs, but he is getting there with a few key words.

This month's milestones: - His new favorite phrase is "Go, go, go, go, go!!!" when it is time to leave! - He can finally reach all the door handles in our house, so no keeping him out of any room! - He LOVES playing inside our cars now.  He is obsessed with just sitting in the car forever and pressing every button and pretending to drive. - His new trick is..."show me your 6 pack!" And he lifts up his shirt and shows us his belly! - He is in love with stuffed animals now.  He carries 2 or 3 around all the time and sleeps with them. - Charlie has been loving holding people's hands.  The other day he grabbed my hand while I was working and led me outside for a walk. - My absolute favorite, Charlie gives kisses now.  He puckers his little lips and gives us a big slobbery one.  It makes my heart jump every time. - Favorite food is french fries! - I am still "daddy" :( - When he plays with his blocks they ALWAYS end up in a pattern!  As you can see is two orange, two red, and a yellow!

Charlie-Baby-Photography_0042 Charlie-Baby-Photography_0043 Charlie-Photos_0014 Charlie-Photos_0015 Charlie-Photos_0016 Charlie-Photos_0017 Charlie-Photos_0018 Charlie-Photos_0019Charlie-Photos_0020Charlie-Photos_0021Charlie-Photos_0022Charlie-Photos_0023Charlie-Photos_0024Charlie-Photos_0025Charlie-Photos_0026

Charlie's 6 pack!!!


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