Charlie is 17 months and Happy Birthday Mom!

This past month Charlie has become very independent.  Just a few months ago he would make us do everything with him.  If he read a book, we had to read.  If he played with his toys, we had to play too.  He always had to have someone with him.  While we LOVED spending time with him, if we wanted to put a load of laundry in or make dinner Charlie would not let us!  But now, he loves running around the house playing, riding his little airplane, or playing with blocks occasionally turing around and smiling at us with a sweet little "hi"! His 17 month milestones: - If he is hungry he goes into the pantry and picks out what he wants to eat.  It is usually a pop tart, fruit leather, or a juice... - He is completely weened off the bottle now.  For naps and bed time we let him know it's time for bed and we put him int he crib.  Sounds easy right?  It took a good week of crying non-stop to get him to go down like that. - More and more independent.  He can run around the house forever just playing! - Oh, and I am STILL "Daddy" :( - He has a favorite restaurant, Daphnes Greek Restaurant.  Between the really good chicken and the birds that are on the patio he likes feeding, he is almost always VERY well behaved whenever we go there.  Plus, kids eat free on Sunday's ;) - He has been sleeping in until about 8:30 or 9:00am.  Sometimes I think if our house was a little quieter he would sleep longer.  Our only bathroom is right next to Charlie's room! - "Let's see!" is his favorite phrase.

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And a very happy birthday to my mom!  Between going on walks and looking at the deer to the longest hugs Charlie has ever given, it is safe to say Charlie loves his gramma!  But he isn't the only one that loves her so much ;)  My mom is a mother to so many people that if I named them all the list would be 10 miles long.  It is a lot of work caring for so many people, but the joy she has brought to all their lives is so worth all the hard work that she does! We love you mom.