Charlie is 16 months!

Today Charlie is 16 months old.  This month we have definitely noticed huge changes in his vocabulary and listening skills.  It is just so fascinating to watch a child's mind grow and learn.  A few months ago he only could say 1 or 2 words but now it is far past that.  Jake and I have to use code words now... if we are talking about "outside" Charlie will immediately run to the door and point to go out, and trying to convince him otherwise after he has his mind-set on going out is very hard.  He is determined just like his daddy.  We got him a Yvolution balance bike last weekend, so we can start teaching him how to ride a bike, and he LOVES it, but he gets SO angry that he can't do it perfectly.  He is like that with everything...and everything he tries to learn, he does so VERY quickly.  Much a proud momma! Here are some of Charlie's 16 month milestones:

- Not a milestone, but I am still "Daddy", Jake is "Daddy" and Charlie calls himself "Daddy". - He has three new sentences: "Daaaady?  Wheeere you?  Where is he?" that order too... - He LOVES books.  He is obsessed with Green Eggs and Ham right now, in fact he even brought it to bed one night. - He points at words in a book or on anything and pretends he can read "Da da da da da da da" - If I ask him to give me a hug, he will now! :) - If I ask him to give me a kiss he will either pucker his lips and kiss me or give me his forehead for me to kiss him. - He has a sound for almost everyone in my family except my mom and older brother: My dad is "vroom vroom" with his hand in the air for an airplane, Uncle Adam is Charlie hitting his chest and saying "ahhhhh", and Uncle Jordan is "vroom vroom" for a motorcycle. - He said his cousin Jackson's name: "Tatson" - Whenever Charlie wants to look at something together, he'll hand me a book or a toy and say "See!" for 'Let's see'. - He has a new animal sound...A deer makes a clucking noise.  He realized that when he was on a walk with grandma and the deer's feet made that clucking sound as he ran across the pavement.

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