Charlie is 15 months!

Here we are at 15 months today!  It feels like I just wrote Charlie's 14 month post...Time is really flying fast.   He is developing more and more of a personality, and for some reason this month he has been looking more and more like me. I kinda like it! ;)

15 Month Milestones: - 4 molars are in! Phew!  But more are coming... - Charlie climbs EVERYTHING. -He has been in the mood of making a mess in every room he enters.  All cabinets on his level are a mess from being terrorized by Charlie. -I am still "daddy" and daddy is..."daddy" -Charlie has a new game where he puts a towel, hat, or shirt over his eyes and blindly tries to find his way around the house.  See his video HERE. -Charlie has been more independent.  He loves going into his room, shutting the door to just play.  I'll quietly open his door to just find him "reading" a book or laying there playing with a toy. -Grandma has been teaching him how to swim and how to hold on to the side of the pool incase anything happens. -Bedtime has shifted a little later, since he has fun playing at night, from about 8:15 or so till about 8:45 now.  May not seem like a big difference, but in baby minutes it is. -He has become the entertainment when other people are around...dancing, doing his blindfold trick.  He will do anything for a laugh. -He has a completely fake laugh and will just randomly laugh... -It is embarrassing to go on walks or out in public with him sometimes...He says  screams "HI" to EVERYONE! -He finds every cord there is and puts them around his neck hanging there like a doctor's stethoscope. -He loves iced tea.  I know, I know, so bad, but you can't help but laugh seeing a 1 year old beg for your Starbucks cup.  He only has a sip.

baby-photographer-4 Baby-photography baby-photographers

Charlie loving his airplane! baby-head-shots

See, this is his cord obsession.  Don't worry we keep a VERY close eye on him when he does

Those feet..... baby-photographer-2 baby-photographer-3 baby-photography-la beccaClicks-photography

Tea and dirt bikes...Mommy's favorite and daddy's favorite....babys-and-dirt-bikes children-birthday-party-photographer baby-photographer-la

Cleaning the floors for mommy! kid-photographer

And the towel on the head game. children-photographer-la children-photographer

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