Charlie is 14 months

He just gets bigger and bigger everyday.  Jake and I were for certain that one night his feet grew an inch.  He is becoming such a little boy.  He loves cars and trucks and motorcycles and airplanes.  Charlie drops everything at the sound of one of them.   He now gives hugs more than ever.  When I come home from work he runs to me and puts his head down on my shoulder.  Best feeling ever.  And he KNOWS I love those hugs because if we have to change his diaper, or put him in the car seat (things he does not like), he will hug me so tightly so I won't put him down.

Charlie is also OBSESSED with watching videos of himself.  He gets so absorbed into them.  He laughs at them, cries if there is a video he is crying in, and smiles through almost ALL of them.  I think it is because he just loves his little life.

This month's milestones: - Can say 'whereee iss daaa?' (where is dad) -If you ask him what an airplane does he puts his hand up in the air -Can walk down one step all on his own -Plays Where Is Charlie and then he says "Derr issss" (there he is) -He has 6..yes SIX molars coming through... He has been Mister Grumpy Gills somedays -He has make believe phone conversations.  He puts the phone to his ear and says "hi. ya. eh. ya. da. ya." -Picks books out from his book case and brings them to me, then cuddles himself in my lap -He laughs way more now! -Even mention the word popsicle and he will go running to the freezer!  His favorite food right now. (if that is even considered a food item)

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