Charlie is 13 Months!

Today is Charlie's 13 Month Birthday!  It is weird how when they are this young you can still celebrate by the month.  Imagine if we did that, if that was the case, in two days it will be my 288 month birthday! Yay! This month's milestones: - There is a difference between mommy and daddy now.  I am "daddy" and Jake is "dada"...awesome... -He knows that my flat iron is hot.  Every time he sees it he does not touch it and says "haaat" -Said his first sentence this month!!!! "Whhheres da ball??" -We learned he has a VERY good arm when it comes to throwing a ball! -Teething like crazy makes for fun unpredictable nights and days... -Charlie never used to put his head down on people's shoulders except Grandma's, but now he does it to me ALL the time!

Love you Charlie.  You are looking more and more like daddy everyday!

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