New Wedding Albums!

I am so excited to finally offer heirloom wedding albums to all my brides.  Included in all my wedding packages now is a 12 x 12 leather, lay flat album, thick paged album.  Looking at wedding photos on the computer is just not the same as holding it in your hand and sharing them with friends and family.  Perfect coffee table books!  I think each album I have ordered I have looked through about 100 times.  The quality of these albums is just what I have been searching for!  Got to love the smell of leather!  Brides have the option to add pages, pick their favorites to put in the album AND order parent albums for parents and grandparents. Wedding-Albums_0159 Wedding-Albums_0160 Wedding-Albums_0161 Wedding-Albums_0162

These lay flat pages are just seamless.  It really makes the spreads flow!


This is the PARENT ALBUM.  It is almost the exact same except it is 6x6 and the cover doesn't have a photo.  But the pages are just as thick and the quality is just as amazing!

Wedding-Albums_0165 Wedding-Albums_0166 Wedding-Albums_0167 Wedding-Albums_0168

And this is what Charlie was doing while I was hurrying to take these photos 5 minutes before we had to leave for Church!


Alex & Michelle | Married - Thousand Pines Christian Camp Wedding

It was a very chilly day when loved ones arrived for Alex & Michelle's wedding at Thousand Pines Christian Camp.  It was the perfect setting for the outdoorsy duo and just a perfect setting for a wedding in general.   Crisp air and wind blowing though the huge pine trees all around.  When Jake and I arrived that morning we were instantly greeted by their families who were busy setting up.  They treated us like part of the family.  The love that was flowing through that place is probably what kept everyone warm. Alex & Michelle are just the most lively and giving couple one could ever meet.  You could tell how they have touched other people's lives just by talking to their wedding guests...each and every one of them had great stories and beautiful things to say about them.  That is what made this wedding so awesome!  Working with two great people like that just warmed our hearts.  However, our bodies were FREEZING in the 32 degree weather for outdoor portraits, but they were such troopers and just laughed about it the entire time enjoying the first moments of being husband and wife.

At the end of the evening, despite our tired feet, Jake and I drive home with huge smiles on our faces and fun memories about the days events!

What a wonderful way to close 2014!

Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0067 Thousand-pines-camp-toms-wedding-shoes_0066 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0075 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0076 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0069 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0127 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0071

Let's just say these rings shots were VERY tricky with huge gusts of wind!


LOVE these invitations!!!  The front was laser cut into a tree shape and Alex & Michelle hand painted EACH and EVERY little green leaf on there.  Turned out amazing!

Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0068 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0128 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0130 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0131 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0074 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0073 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0072 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0133 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0132 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0107 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0123 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0108 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0094 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0129 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0077

While the girls were getting all pretty for the wedding, the boys enjoyed some MAN time at the rock wall, zip line, and ropes course!  Let's just say Jake had a blast too! ;)

Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0113 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0114 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0116

The games came to close and the boys got ready... Alex, lookin' SHARP!

Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0060 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0062 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0061 Thousand-pines-camp-groom-gifts_0063 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0105  Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0093

They were really just bundled together for warmth!

Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0081 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0080 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0082 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0084 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0118 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0059 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0119     Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0078 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0085

That view!!!

Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0086 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0087 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0088 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0089 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0090  Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0091 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0092

And off to do some photos as husband and wife!!!


They aren't excited or anything! ;)


Her smile was contagious!

Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0101Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0102Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0103 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0104  Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0110 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0111  Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0117 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0112Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0120  Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0126Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0122  Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0121Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0134 Thousand-pines-camp-first-dance_0056Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0135 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0065Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0064Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0136 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0137 Thousand-pines-camp-winter-wedding_0138 Thousand-pines-snow-wedding-send-off_0055


Congratulations Alex & Michelle.  Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your FUN day!

Cake: Family Friend - Kim Saunders Gown: Essense Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy Shoes: Toms Men’s Attire: Men’s Attire Hair/Makeup: Shear Vault Transportation/Get-away car!: Thousand Pines Golf Cart Inviations and Programs: DIY Day of Wedding Coordinator: Courtney at Thousand Pines Christian Camp Officiant: Family Pastors Ceremony: Thousand Pines Christian Camp Reception Venue: Thousand Pines Christian Camp

Adam and Theresa | Married - Union Station Wedding

Beautiful, classy, and organized was this amazing train wedding.  I told Theresa, that she is the most put together bride I have ever seen. Their wedding was so well thought out it went off without a hitch.  Everything flowed seamlessly! The skies poured rain, very rare for LA, the night before and morning of the wedding.  But the clouds cleared and the air was crisp and cool and just perfect for a wedding.  65 close friends and family joined Adam and Theresa on their most special day watching them celebrate their love at the Cathedral of the Lady of our Angels.  The ceremony was beautiful on the eyes and in the ears as well since Adam had organized a lovely string ensemble and 4 singers for the mass.

After sharing their first kiss of husband and wife, we head to Union Station to board the Zepher train car to San Diego.  Now, this is not just any train.  This is a 1940's train car complete with lounges, a bar, a full kitchen cooking our delicious dinner, and views of the pacific coastline.  Hors d'oeuvres and the best champagne in the state was served down to San Diego, and after a quick stop in SD to stretch our legs, we board the train again for our sautéed chicken dinner.

It was a good time to say the least, and such a fun time for everyone aboard.

Wedding-on-a-train-car_0090 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0085

Love this ring.  So many diamonds!!!

Wedding-on-a-train-car_0084 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0082 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0081 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0086 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0087 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0083 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0100 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0099 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0089 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0092 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0091 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0093 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0078 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0077 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0076

Looking sharp Adam!

LA-Wedding-Photography_0064 LA-Wedding-Photography_0065 LA-Wedding-Photography_0059 LA-Wedding-Photography_0061 LA-Wedding-Photography_0060 LA-Wedding-Photography_0063 LA-Cathedral-Wedding_0046 LA-Wedding-Photography_0062 LA-Cathedral-Wedding_0047 LA-Cathedral-Wedding_0048 LA-Cathedral-Wedding_0050 LA-Cathedral-Wedding_0049 LA-Cathedral-Wedding_0051 LA-Cathedral-Wedding_0052

Husband and wife!

LA-Cathedral-Wedding_0053 Union-Station-Wedding-Photos_0058 Union-Station-Wedding-Photos_0057 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0097 LA-Wedding-Photography_0067 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0102 Union-Station-Wedding-Photos_0054 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0104 Union-Station-Wedding-Photos_0056

See that big smile on Adam's face??  Other than the fact that he just married the love of his life, as the train fanatic that he is, he was SUPER excited to board that train!Wedding-on-a-train-car_0069 Union-Station-Wedding-Photos_0055 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0070 LA-Wedding-Photography_0066 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0071 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0073 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0072 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0074 LA-Wedding-Photography_0068 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0075

Can't get much better than this!

Wedding-on-a-train-car_0096 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0098 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0105Wedding-on-a-train-car_0103 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0101 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0094 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0095 Wedding-on-a-train-car_0080

Congrats Adam and Theresa!  What a lovely day it was!

The Vendors that made it all happen:

Florist: Flowers by Leah Cake: Chef Robert Andrade of California Zephyr Railcar Charters Gown: Brides by Demetrios Bridesmaid Dresses: Davids Bridal Shoes: Davids Bridal Men's Attire: Men's Warehouse Hair: Dessarae Harrington at Parlor of Three Make up: Michelle Angeles Transportation: Fast Deer Bus Charter Inviations and Programs: May Okazaki Day of Wedding Coordinators: Lilly and Lana Rogue Officiant: Father John Collins, St. Robert Bellarmine Ceremony: Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels Reception Venue: California Zephyr Railcar Charters


Becca Liz Photography - Wedding Photography LA

Wedding Photography - Styled Shoot

My heart and my mind has never felt so full.  This past Sunday I made the journey to Virginia to attend a 2 day intensive workshop, by Katelyn James, on the ins and outs of building a successful wedding photography business.  Let's just say, it was the most beneficial and best investment I could have ever done for my business. I have followed Katelyn's blog for sometime now, and I fell in love with her work and her personal life stories.  I found myself relating to everything!  When I met her for the first time this week, after blog-stalking her for about a year and a half, I can say she is one of the most genuine and real people I have ever met. With such a loving heart, she jammed packed those two days with 24 hours of instruction and hands on experience.  I am so thankful to her and her husband for opening up their home and giving other photographers the tools and knowledge we need to live our dream jobs!

Here are some sneak peaks of the styled shoot we did in front of her garage doors!!!  Can you believe garage doors can look this amazing?!?  The entire shoot will be coming later after it has been submitted and approved for publication.  Can't wait to share more then!

la-wedding-photography_0007 la-wedding-photography_0008 la-wedding-photography_0009 la-wedding-photography_0010

Styling and Florals: Amanda Veronee  Paper floral decor: Sweet Pear Paper Furniture rents: Paisley & Jade Hair and Make Up: Emily Hudspeth

Steve & Alana - Happy 3 Year Anniversary

3 years ago Jake and I were honored to be asked to photograph Steve and Alana's wedding.  Being family friends with Alana for a huge part of my life made it extra special. The small town of St. Clairsville, Ohio made the perfect backdrop for an ole' fashioned Polish Ohio wedding.  Staying their I-Do's at Alana's childhood parish really made the day feel so full of memories and love!  Alana had told me before that there would be about 400+ people at the reception.  I never knew it was possible to know that many people especially in a small town, but apparently, that is how it is at a Polish Wedding...come one, come all!  I don't think I have ever seen that many perogies in my life or eaten as much as I did...Oy!

This was a wedding that Jake and I will never forget.  Thank you Steve and Alana for choosing us to be apart of such a significant day!

Barn-Wedding-2 Barn-Wedding LA-Wedding-Photographers Wedding-Photography


BeccaClicks Wedding Photographer


Six Years Ago...

One of the best things about building a business of your own is creating it to be something you are proud of.  It becomes your "baby".  With many hours at the beginning figuring it out, making it work, learning and failing... You work long and hard to make it strong!  That is just what I have done... Just about this time 6 years ago is when I got handed the camera and did my first photo shoot. My mom used to be a head shot photographer in the days.  Ever since I was just a few months old I would go to her every shoot!  I loved seeing her photograph the little kids. It looked so fun.  When she got the photos back from the lab, it was always so neat how the photos turned out being just a fun to look at as it was for her to shoot them. Then, in changing with the times, it switched over to the digital age the post-processing end was getting too arduous for her film mind.  The editing was such a fun part to me.  For a while, I did all her editing, but that just gave me the itch to take the photos myself as well.  Bring all my mom's amazing guidance with me, I was off to shoot on my own!

Many years later, I have grown tremendously.  And for that growth I am very thankful.  I am very blessed to have a web-programmer husband/second shooter/my-number-one-fan to keep me strong and fresh in my work.  He is constantly challenging me, and I am always pushing his creativity limits.  Guess we make a good team. Because of that push we have given one another, we have never been as happy with our business as we am now.  Loving what we do, loving that we work together, and looking so forward to the next 6 years and beyond.

the-amazing-rebecca (1)


Happy Saturday!

Love, Becca & Jake


And we're live!!!

BeccaClicks officially got a makeover!  My dear husband spent hours and hours of buried in his computer and after a month and a half of work, BeccaClicks up and running.  I felt so bad for Jake, because I must have changed the design about 5 times on him. "Jaaaake, actually....."  Oy! But, I am so happy with the way it turned out.  I now don't have to use a blogspot for a blog and everything is so nicely connected on my webpage.  I'm still going to keep the old blog up, just so I can look back at it in 5 years ;) Looking forward to blogging a whole lot more!

And since it has been a while, here is my little Charlie.  5 months old this past Sunday!  I can't believe it.  In fact, on his 5 month mark, he learned how to sit up!  He's a bit wobbly, but he can do it!  CharlieBaby

Hyatt Wedding

What a lovely wedding this was and a fun one to photograph this past weekend.  This couple was absolutely beautiful and you could just see God's love flowing through them.  It was a very intimate wedding with about 17 people in attendance, but that is what made it so special   Following the ceremony, was a delicious dinner by candle light.  Family laughed and just really enjoyed being in each other's company.  Jake and I really felt honored to be a part of this wedding.  Here are a few of the photos from this very special day.
Becca and Jake
emotions-groom-cry-photography family-photo-wedding hotel-wedding-hyatt hyatt-weddings wedding-party wedding-photography-beccaclicks wedding-photography wedding-rings-photo wedding-waterfall

Zaca Lake Wedding

"We have A LOT OF pictures where we are kissing," said Corinne about her and Travis. That line stood out to me because it is true! From our pictures of them, I can tell Corinne and Travis love to kiss :) It was beautiful to see two people so engaged with each other. When they spoke, I could see their hearts open to each other. Their love is pure and sincere.

Becca and I were fortunate to capture this lovely event. It was a pleasure to meet everyone at the reception and to have a taste of the delightful food. Thank you for allowing us to share in your celebration. Have a wonderful honeymoon. We pray for a long and happy marriage together.
Jake & Becca
Bride-Flowers-Zaca-Lake DIY-Garder-Zaca-Lake First-Dance-Zaca-Lake First-kiss-Zaca-Lake-Retreat First-Look-Zaca-Lake Groomsmen-pictures-Zaca-Lake Rings-Pinky-Promise-Zaca-Lake Wedding-Flowers-Zaca-Lake Wedding-Invitations-Zaca-Lake Zaca-Lake-Weddings-BeccaClicks-Wedding-Photographer Zaca-Lake-Weddings

Beautiful Southern California Backyard Wedding

It was a fine Saturday to share in the wedding of Dave and Amber.  Clear skies, good food, and great company made for a good time.  Thank you all for having us, and if anyone would like to share how they made the appetizers so delicious, we would be much obliged. YUM!  Can't wait share the rest of the photos.
Thank you again,
Jake and Becca
Backyard-Wedding BeccaClicks-wedding-bride-and-groom BeccaClicks-Wedding-Photographers-San-bernardino Bridal-Bouquet-Something-Old-Wedding Bride-and-friends-wedding Bride-and-groom-pictures Bride-getting-ready Custom-Designed-Wedding-Ring-Picture Cute-baby-picture Father-of-bride-wedding First-Kiss-Wedding Mother-of-the-bride-and-groom Mother-of-the-groom Something-Old-Wedding Wedding Ceremony-Backyard-Wedding Wedding-Bubbles Wedding-cake-green-roses Wedding-Cord-Ceremony Wedding-Decorations Wedding-first-dance Wedding-Food Wedding-Photographer-LA-BeccaClicks Wedding-Photography-San-bernardino Wedding-refreshments-wine-bar Wedding-Shoes-Green