Smash the Cake Before the Birthday Party

I feel like Smash the Cake Photo Sessions are becoming more and more popular.  I love that.  I think Smash the Cake Photo Shoots are just so fun...For mom it is a safe time for her to just sit back and relax and not have to worry about their child getting messy.  For the photographer, it is just so funny to see the reactions of babies and their first cake...whatever that reaction may be.  It is so fun to capture.  For the baby, well some enjoy it and others don't.  But at least at a small shoot is baby is not liking the cake, there is time and a relaxed environment to not feel pressure to "put on a show" as it would be like at a birthday party. For example, like my nephew Jackson, his mom wanted to do a Smash the Cake Session before the birthday party because she (1) didn't know how her little guy would react... so best do it when not under pressure and (2) she wanted to use the photos we got from the session at the birthday party.

Smash-the-Cake_0015  Smash-the-Cake_0017

By having a separate Smash the Cake Session on a different day we also got to pick the location, set it up, and have time to decorate it all up!


And I am so glad that we did, because come day of Jackson's birthday party (not only was I really sick that day) but the place he was eating his cake was not the most desirable for a "Smash the Cake" picture.  People were crowded around and Jackson's reaction was WAY different than at his photo shoot.  He's still the cutest one year old around though... :)

Smash-the-Cake_0041 Smash-the-Cake_0042

Jackson and his cute self on the gift table!


I wish that I would have known these things before Charlie's first birthday because I definitely would have planned a Smash the Cake Session before his party!


Jackson - Smash the Cake Session

Boy, am I excited for today's post.  My little nephew Jackson's first birthday is this week.  Where has this year gone?  I remember walking into that hospital room and seeing his little face for the first time.  He was so small...Now, he's the handsome dimpled-cheeks, curly-hair, perfect-dance-moves one year old boy. We celebrated by doing a little smash the cake session. It is always so unpredictable how babies will react to getting all messy and eating cake with their hands.  It probably confuses them so much that for this ONE time in their life, parents are wanting them to be messy!  But it was no big deal for Jackson.  He dug right into his delicious cake and was eating it by the hand full.

Happy Birthday Jackson!  We love you so much!


Melissa, Jackson's mommy, hand made all these little details!!!  I just love it!


First try seemed a little weird...

Smash-the-Cake_0004 Smash-the-Cake_0005 Smash-the-Cake_0006

...but in no time he was just happy as can be enjoying his birthday cake.

Smash-the-Cake_0007 Smash-the-Cake_0008

That tie.... :)

Smash-the-Cake_0000 Smash-the-Cake_0009 Smash-the-Cake_0012 Smash-the-Cake_0021 Smash-the-Cake_0014 Smash-the-Cake_0011 Smash-the-Cake_0013


See?  Really enjoying himself!

Smash-the-Cake_0015 Smash-the-Cake_0016 Smash-the-Cake_0023 Smash-the-Cake_0017 Smash-the-Cake_0001 Smash-the-Cake_0018  Smash-the-Cake_0022

The end result... perfection... in cake smash photography terms!

Smash-the-Cake_0027 Smash-the-Cake_0024

Charlie "helped out a bit too...He was Jackson's entertainment.


See?  Really helping...



...Oh Charlie....


So Jackson paid Charlie back for bringing down his banners with a little revenge of his own...


As you can see, Jackson got a kick out of it and Charlie absolutely did not want to get cake on his shirt!


Oh Jackson, thank you for a fun time!



First Birthday | Smash the Cake Session

Smash the Cake Sessions make me happy!  I just love seeing the little one just dig on in!  But probably mostly because Charlie did NOT like his smashing the cake time!  He thought it was just the grossest thing to eat with his hands...This comes from a little boy that digs in the dirt.  Who knows why he decided to be clean at that moment.  So I guess I just get to live viciously through other babies having a fun time! Win, win for everyone. Little Julia is turning one next month.  She is such a precious little girl.  She had no problem digging right into her cake...although she did a need a little help from mom since the cake was frozen...Oh well. ;)  All too cute and she loved making a mess!

Smash-The-Cake-Session_0001 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0003 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0004 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0005So intense!!!Smash-The-Cake-Session_0006 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0007 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0008 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0009 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0010 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0000


We did some fun portrait shots as well! :)

Smash-The-Cake-Session_0002 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0011 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0012


Becca Liz Photography - Smash the Cake Session