Kaitlyn & Tylr - Los Angeles Maternity Photographer

Kaitlyn and Tylr are the storybook "high school sweethearts".  They were inseparable since they laid eyes on each other all those years back.  I met Kaitlyn and Tylr about 7 years ago.  From that point, Kaitlyn and I hit it off and became great friends.  Even though we lived in different cities, fun Olive Garden dinners and shopping with sweet tea and apple pie runs to McDonalds were perfect for weekend hangout time. Fast forward 7 years, Kaitlyn and Tylr got married and are now expecting their first little one, Lincoln Wayne.  And what a little blessing this baby is!  2 years went by for them and no luck on having a baby...just when they felt like giving up, they were blessed with this bundle of joy.  Lincoln is so loved by them two already!

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 So beautiful Kaitlyn.

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