Noah is ONE!!!!

Oh Noah!  I cannot believe my little baby is ONE ALREADY!  Time flew by super speed.  

Noah just took his first steps a week ago.  It looks so weird to see him WALKING.  He gets a kick out of it too.  For some reason it cracks him up when he is walking.  He practically runs when he gets close to his finish line too.  Silly boy.

He has been "talking" non-stop lately in his "low" baby voice.  Just mumbling a bunch of sounds.  He just has a lot to say I guess.

We have been very hesitant to feed Noah anything different than what he usually has because he chokes SO easily, but lately he has been good.  Eating chicken nuggets, fruit loops (his fav), avocados, rice...He loves ANYTHING that is not baby food.  

I think he is JUUUST about to drop his morning nap (nooooo :( that is how we get ourselves ready in the morning) but I knew this day had to come sometime anyways!

He is cutting another tooth or two, but doesn't seem to be bothering him AS bad as his top teeth did.  

He is SUCH a little smiley boy.  Just say his name and instant simple.  Look at him, instant smile.  Do anything, he will just smile at you.

He is in LOVE with this doll we have.  We bought it for Charlie when Noah was first born so Charlie could hold a baby too...we named him Eddie.  But Noah loves Eddie.  Every time he sees him he gives the doll a HUGE kiss.  I think he thinks it is real.

Here are more photos from this month <3

Noah is 9 Months

I am always late at bad.  But I HAVE to do it.  I LOVE looking back and seeing my little boy grow up.  And that he sure has done this past month.  We are now crawling, standing holding onto things, has 4 teeth growing in... It is going by so fast I cannot believe it.  We will have a one year old on our hands very soon here.  

Noah and Charlie are still the best of friends.  They play together so well.  My favorite is when Noah gets in his walker, Charlie stands on the back and has Noah take him around the house.  Noah gets a kick out of it and Charlie gets a free ride around the house.  Win, win!

He is so good at playing too.  He can keep himself occupied very well especially since he has been more mobile lately.  

His FAVORITE food right now is those Gerber Yogurt Melts.  He can go through like 3 packets of those a day.  He eats sooo much.  I hope it says that way since Charlie is soooo picky.  

Naps have been a hit and a miss but he has been sleeping pretty well at night.  It has been nice to feel normal again with being rested.

He is such a little cuddler too.  Oh, I love it so so so much.  I just say, "put your head down Noah" and he just puts his head on my shoulder.  The other day we went to a lunch and he just fell right asleep on Grandma's shoulder.   

Noah is 6 Months!



Half a year old?!  What?!  Now that went by like SUPER fast.  Noah is such a relaxed little dude.  So clam.  So observant.  And just happy.  He is a fun little baby.

He is pretty much sleeping through the night, with the exception of Charlie waking him up sometimes when Charlie is yelling that he doesn't want to go to sleep.  Even with cutting a tooth, he has been sleeping very well.  He is pretty much in bed by 7:30 and sadly awake by like 6, or sometimes earlier.  But I know that is just a phase since Charlie woke up at sunrise for about a few weeks and then he went through a sleeping in phase.  :)

Noah enjoys his walks SO much.  We got a new double stroller and have already put miles and miles on that thing.  He stays awake for about 10 mins and is always just out like a light for the rest of the ways.

He loves his brother so, so much.  Whenever him and Charlie are apart, Noah just acts different.  He is fussy and not easily pleased, but when brother is around, all is well in the world.  They both adore one another.  They are going to grow up to be such good friends.



















This month's milestones: - He can sit up pretty much on his own. - He has his first tooth coming in.  About a quarter of the way in now. - He gives the best hugs ever.  When I come home from work I always get the biggest hug. - Sleeps through the night! - Babbles and thinks he is saying mama but just saying "thhhhhh"

Noah is 5 Months!


A little late to post but ohhhh well! :)  He's our little chubby dude.  Smiles at anyone who talks to him.  Loves to eat.  Loves his baths.  And loves Charlie.  In fact, Charlie is the only one that can make him laugh really hard.  <3

The other day I looked at Jake and said, "Wow I cannot believe we have two kids now!"  Haha, it took a little to sink in I guess.  But Noah just has his own little personality now and it just feels more "normal" or "real".  He is so easy going though.  He kinda just rolls with anything we are doing.

We sleep trained him this month.  We hit a point earlier this month where we were waking up EVERY 2 HOURS OR LESS.  It was horrible...  We knew something needed to change.  SO we moved his crib out of our bedroom.  The cry-it-out method worked with Charlie really well, so we tried that again with Noah.  He is a tough cookie lol.  We realized that he isn't quite the same as Charlie and liked the reassurance of us going in every 5 mins or so to say "Goodnight" or pat his bum while he is crying...Charlie hated that.  We are on a pretty good routine now.  Some nights are hard here and there, but he usually sleeps for about 11 hours.  Praise the Lord!

This Month's Milestones: - His cues are so much easier to pick up on now...when he is tired, hungry or just bored. - Totally okay with car rides now. - Loves his rice cereal and apples. - Master at rolling over to his back, but not yet from back to tummy. - Okay with longer periods of playing in bouncer. - ALLLLMOST sitting up!









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Noah is 4 Months!

Noah4Months_0025 Oh my little Noah is another month older.  He is still bald, still chunky, and still smiling at everything.  I love how easy it is to make him smile.  It is my favorite thing in the world to see Charlie and Noah together.  In the morning, Charlie will run into our bedroom, where Noah still sleeps, and say hi to "baby"and kiss him and hug him.  But instantly when Noah sees Charlie, he gets the biggest smile on his face.  Goodness, they are going to have so much fun together!

Sleep has been SO hard this month.  Thankfully, Noah has a solid routine for day time naps and sometimes takes a nap for 3 hours!!!  Woo!  But nights are a whole other story.  It has been hard... I know it might be because of his teeth, but 4 times a night is just not fun for anyone.  We have tried sleep training and different techniques, but he just seems stubborn.    I know we will get there eventually, but goodness, can it come faster?! ;)

I remember when Charlie started reaching for his toys when he was a young baby.  Once they can start grabbing things and playing with them, I feel like their whole world changes...Now they can actually control something.  This month Noah has been doing that, and he just works SO hard.  His pouty face when he can't get his toy is the cutest thing!!!

This month's milestone: - He is just not too far away from sitting up.  Getting stronger and stronger. - Three hour naps are a blessing. - He loves the Baby Bjorn...SO MUCH. - He is actively grabbing and reaching for toys. - Introduced rice cereal this month...he is indifferent to it. - Is now in a size 3 diaper...he is soooo chubs.










And incase you want to know what goes on behind the scenes... Our photos may look happy and all, but this is how we got them! HAHA! ;)


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Noah is 3 Months!

  Another month has gone by...cannot believe it.  He has grow up so much in the last month.  I feel his personality coming through so much more.  His smiles are just contagious.  He talks whenever you look at him.  He is all around just a pretty chill dude...and this little guy has to put up with a lot.  Charlie is the rough-housing older brother!  I am scared to find out what it will be like when Noah can "flight back".  Oy!

We are still waking up 1 or 2 times at night for a feed.  Sleep training Noah has been a lot different than it was with Charlie.  With Charlie the "cry it out" method worked with in a  few days, but with Noah that is not working so well.  He is persistent.  So we need to figure something else out that will help us catch a little more z's at night.

I just cannot get over how relaxed he is.  He loves laying down looking at ceiling fans or being in his Baby Bjorn.  But come 7:30 or 8 he lets us know that he is ready for bedtime!

This month's milestones: - He started laughing now.  First with my mom, then Jakes mom, and then I finally got my first laugh too. - Tummy time is not so bad anymore! - He is taking some pretty solid naps in the afternoon.  These past few days it has been 3 hours...GLORIOUS! - He can hold a toy in his hand (if I place it there) and bring it up to his mouth. - Can now go a few hours without eating and when he does eat, he is eating longer. - I think teething has started.  He is drooling like crazy and crews his hand and our hands like crazy.


Noah3Months_0441 Noah3Months_0442 Noah3Months_0443 Noah3Months_0444 Noah3Months_0445 Noah3Months_0446 Noah3Months_0447 Noah3Months_0448 Noah3Months_0449 Noah3Months_0450 Noah3Months_0451

Noah is 2 Months

Two months already...  This month has been a really fun month with Noah.  He talks so much and smiles like crazy.  If I just look at him and smile, he will smile right back and chat up a storm with me.  He is such a good boy.  So calm.  So patient.  We are so blessed. We had his first round of shots this month.  I get so nervous for my kids shots.  Charlie always got so sick, and I even space them out a lot so that all that stuff isn't going into all their little bodies at once...but still, like Charlie, Noah was absolutely miserable following his shots.  He did not smile once that day or talk to me at all.  I wanted to cry.  But the next day he was back to his normal gummy-smile self.

Sleeping is a hit or a miss.  We plan to put him to sleep at around 8:00 or 8:30 and our goal is to get him to sleep until 3, but it doesn't always work out like that, unfortunately.  Our next goal is to get him to sleep at least until 7 after his mid-night snack and not 5:30am.  Phew, we forgot what sleep deprivation can do to a person.  It is horrible.  But I know this part does not last forever.

This month's milestones: - Is holding his head up a lot better than last month - Smiling like crazy - Talking a lot - Is awake for longer periods of the day - LOVES being in the Baby Bjorn - He is a little chubster and is in 6 month clothing in most outfits.

Noah is 2 Months_0394 Noah is 2 Months_0378 Noah is 2 Months_0379 Noah is 2 Months_0380 Noah is 2 Months_0381 Noah is 2 Months_0382 Noah is 2 Months_0383 Noah is 2 Months_0384 Noah is 2 Months_0386 Noah is 2 Months_0387 Noah is 2 Months_0388 Noah is 2 Months_0389 Noah is 2 Months_0390 Noah is 2 Months_0391 Noah is 2 Months_0392 Noah is 2 Months_0393

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I LOVED doing these posts for Charlie.  It is funny how easy you forget when kids reach certain milestones.  I went back and looked at my blog SO often to just reminisce about Charlie's stages of life.  I am looking forward to doing the same thing for Noah.

Noah is a little fatso and I love it.  He has the double chin and the plump arms, horrible on adults but totally adorable on babies.  Within two weeks of being born he had already gained 2.5 lbs.  Let's just say he eats A LOT.

Sleep has been SO HARD.  I miss seeing the inside of my eyelids.  For the first 3 weeks and 5 days of his life he only slept for 2 hour stretches, but seems like he slept longer ones in the day.  But thank the Lord that he has slept 4-5 hour bits the past two nights.  It has been wonderful and we are praying that it stays.

It really has been tough juggling two little ones now.  But Noah is so good.  He is a fairly calm baby so we are able to tend to Charlie at times and you won't hear a peep from him.  Jake and I told ourselves we would go on "living normally" when Noah was born.  Meaning keep doing the things we were doing before.  With Charlie we waited about 6 weeks before going out of the house and it was tough...mostly on ME!  I feel that Charlie didn't get used to our "busy life style" early on because we took that large of a break.  So Noah came a long and we knew that staying home for 6 weeks with a two year old would get kinda crazy... Noah went to Church when he was a week old, went on a date with mommy and daddy when he was 6 days old, and started coming to work with me when he was 2 weeks old.  He just is happy wherever we go!

We are so blessed to have a healthy little boy and cannot wait to watch him grow!

This month's milestones/favs: - He has really started to smile the past week. - Sleeping a little better at night. - Loves the bath now. - Gaining much more head strength and will try to lift his head when propped up. - Loves car and stroller rides.

Noah-Birthday_0318 Noah-One-Month_0348 Noah-One-Month_0349 Noah-One-Month_0350 Noah-One-Month_0351 Noah-One-Month_0352 Noah-One-Month_0353 Noah-One-Month_0354 Noah-One-Month_0356

Noah Christopher Berg

Noah made his debut into this world on Sunday, August 2, 2015 at 7:58pm after a very stressful 14 hour labor.  I guess Noah was too big to be in there any longer.  For some reason the doctors underestimated how big he actually was, being born at 8lbs 13 oz, he was just too big. During labor he kept either getting under stress from contractions or him crushing his own umbilical cord, but his heart rate kept dropping dramatically.  It had the nurses running into our room every two hours to figure out their next plan of attack to get his heart rate back to normal.   Finally, Noah was ready to come!  But then continued to scare us all because he was not crying at all.  It must have been the longest 30 seconds of my life, but hearing him cry was the best sound I have ever heard. These past few days have been interesting adjusting to our "new" life.  Noah is such a champ with sleeping though all of Charlie's loud toy playing and poking his arms and legs.  The days are great, but the nights are tough.  I think he still is a little confused by his night and days because he definitely does more sleeping in the day than at night.  He just is more alert at night and wants to hang out!  At least he is happy.  I am exhausted, but am praying so hard that a night sleeping routine will come into play soon.

Charlie has been loving having someone else around.  He just keeps going up to Noah saying "Baby! Baby!"  The other day, after a night at grandmas house, he found one of Noah's shirts in the diaper bag and said "Baby!" and would not put it down until he saw his brother.  He loves to copy everything Noah does...If Noah grunts...he grunts.  If Noah moves his hands...he moves his hands.  I think it is safe to say he loves his brother.

Noah-Birthday_0313 Noah-Birthday_0312 Noah-Birthday_0306 Noah-Birthday_0307 Noah-Birthday_0308 Noah-Birthday_0309 Noah-Birthday_0310 Noah-Birthday_0314 Noah-Birthday_0315 Noah-Birthday_0316 Noah-Birthday_0318

Life may be hard, but it is sure perfect! :)