My Spontaneous Illinois Trip with Charlie - June 2016

Spontaneity is not my strong suit.  I like routines.  But, about a month and a half ago I decided to through that out the window...for just a week and I am so happy I did.  Booked my tickets on a Thursday night and was off with Charlie in an airplane to Illinois by Saturday morning.  We flew all day and by dinner time we were sitting on my grandparents door step to surprise them.  It was the PERFECT surprise trip.  

It was just Charlie and I so we really got a lot of time with my grandparents (and mom and brothers who were out there visiting as well).  Catching fireflies, riding tractors, popsicles on the front porch and seeing "old" grandma and grandpa...Charlie talks about it often, and I hope it is something that he ALWAYS remembers! :)



A Month of Charlie - January 2016

I am a little behind on this post, and that is okay, because that is just how life has been lately.  Busy. Crazy. Busy!  I cannot believe that in just a few short months Charlie will be 3 years old.  He is such a big boy.  We even have a meeting with a prospective preschool next week...PRESCHOOL!!!! One of his favorite things to do right now is to draw.  He is an amazing little artist.  Loves drawing Robots.  Colored pencils and coloring books help us make it through church too!  Calms is VERY busy little mind.

This past month has been rather tough with getting Charlie to go to sleep in his own bed.  Jake and I haven't been the co-sleeping type, so for as long as Charlie has been around he has been sleeping in his own bed.  BUT lately he thinks he can always sleep in our bed.  Here is the thing, I would be totally cool with it for the sake of sleeping, but you cannot sleep if Charlie sleeps with you.  He cries and talks SO MUCH in his sleep  I think he gets really bad night terrors.  The other night he was yelling "BYEEE GRANDMA" in his sleep.  So we have been trying to at least get him to fall asleep in his room, and if in the middle of the night he comes in our bed...oh well!

He is still loving his camera and taking photos of everything!  And now he is posing for me, which is so fun! :)



























A Month of Charlie - December 2015

Charlie will be 3 this year!!!  So crazy!!!  Just a few months away.  He is amazing at telling stories and talking!  I clogged the kitchen sink the other day and he explained to me what the pipes do, and then told the plumber, "Mommy broke sink!"  Thanks Charlie!!!  This month we have worked hard on obedience, potty training, and getting him to eat more.  All three are going well. Obedience - We have been rewarding him here and there for good behavior with a little piece of chocolate.  We don't do it every time because he would just expect it, but when he doesn't expect it we give him a chocolate and say why.  He has been responding really well to it and we have had a lot less "terrible two moments".  If he does breakdown though we usually let him try to figure it out on his own, by telling him to go sit down in his timeout room and he usually comes out a different little boy.

Potty Training - I was so scared to potty train him.  We have been trying for well over 6 months now.  I was worried it would never happen and then this month it just clicked.  We still have a accident here and there, but he is not as embarrassed about telling us when he has to go....YAY!  Diaper days for Charlie are almost done!

Eating More - Ugh.  Still hard but we are getting there.  He is SUCH a picky eater and I have no idea why.  We fed him EVERYTHING when he was younger.  Somewhere between then a now he only likes chicken nuggets...  and he will not try anything new.  We have gotten him to eat some healthier options like yogurt, apples, or "cookies" yogurt covered pretzels (instead of cookies), apple sauce...A lot better than just nuggets and fries.

Charlie loved Christmas this year.  Just overwhelmed by everything!!!  He got a Ford F-150 (just like daddy) Power Wheels and it is just the funniest thing to see him riding it.  He turns the radio on and just drives!!!



He was kissing his truck in this picture lol


CharlieDecember_0083 CharlieDecember_0086

Lately, he has become SUCH a good little photographer. Jake's old camera has now become his camera.  It is real with a full battery and memory card. The photos he takes are hilarious.  I am thinking about putting together a blog post JUST of Charlie's photos!!! :)


And my favorite!!!! <3 Such handsome dudes I am surrounded by!



A Month of Charlie - November

I have been blogging Charlie's month-by-month for well over a year now.  It is the hardest thing to do, especially with two kids, and sometimes the only reason I will pick up my camera is to have something for my blog post.  Life is just too busy.  BUT I am SO happy I have something motivating me to keep up with photos of my kiddos and not just photos on an iPhone.  I looked at my 2015 home photo file and we have nearly 2000 pictures in there now...  in about 20 years those will be priceless. This month we have been really working with Charlie to get him listening more and effectively communicating to us, rather than just crying about it.  Little by little we are getting there.

We hired a nanny this month too.  It has been such a blessing.  Both Jake and I work full time and before we were working AND Jake was watching the kids.  We were not getting too much work done so we were over working ourselves by working weekends and late evenings.  Even though we saw Charlie and Noah all the time, we really were not spending quality time with them.  We prayed and prayed for an answer and shortly after our prayers were answered when He sent us a lovely lady to help us.  Charlie and especially Noah just LOVE her.  Now we are able to come home from work and be done with working for the night.  Charlie has been quite happy about that.

This month Charlie learned to make tea and coffee.  It has been pretty awesome to say the least!  Next up are lattes and cappuccinos! ;)

CharlieNovember_0014 CharlieNovember_0013 CharlieNovember_0024 CharlieNovember_0023 CharlieNovember_0022 CharlieNovember_0015 CharlieNovember_0021 CharlieNovember_0020 CharlieNovember_0017 CharlieNovember_0019 CharlieNovember_0018 CharlieNovember_0016


A Month of Charlie - October

This month has been a tough one.  Charlie and his "I'm not the only child any more" feelings are kicking in.  He just gets really fussy and opinionated when Noah is around sometimes.  But I feel like we are making some baby step progress on making that stop.  I think that Charlie also just gets frustrated at the fact that Noah cannot play with him as well.  Soon Charlie.  Very soon.  The love his still has for Noah though is crazy big.  Still kissing him all the time.  <3 It has been a lot of fun having conversations with Charlie.  He is just getting so good at them.  But other times, I have no idea what he is talking about.  Still trying to learn "his language" too ;)

Charlie and I had a nice mom and Charlie date with grandma and a few other friends at the pumpkin patch.  Even though it was about 100 degrees that afternoon, I tell ya he had the time of his life going on horses, seeing goats and riding in wagons with his cousin!

OctoberCharlie_0395 OctoberCharlie_0396 OctoberCharlie_0397 OctoberCharlie_0398 OctoberCharlie_0399 OctoberCharlie_0400 OctoberCharlie_0401 OctoberCharlie_0402 OctoberCharlie_0403 OctoberCharlie_0404


OctoberCharlie_0406 OctoberCharlie_0407 OctoberCharlie_0408 OctoberCharlie_0409 OctoberCharlie_0410



He is obsessed with firetrucks.  Always wee woo wee woo!!!


Okay, for those who know me, know that I really dislike people posing next to trees, but I thought Charlie looked pretty cute in this photo. ;)

OctoberCharlie_0412 OctoberCharlie_0413 OctoberCharlie_0414


OctoberCharlie_0416 OctoberCharlie_0417


Charlie handed out the candy and if no one was coming up to trick-or-treat, he would yell really loud "COOOME ON KIDS!"

Octchars_0439 Octchars_0438 Octchars_0437 Octchars_0436 Octchars_0435


Charlie's Best Day Ever

Charlie is getting all ready for Halloween tonight.  He has his Buzz Lightyear costume on, Buzz wings secured on his back and is flying around the house.  For those who know Charlie, know that he is obsessed with airplanes.  I think that is why he likes Buzz so much.  Well last week, Charlie's dreams came true and he actually got to fly. Charlie hopped right in grandpa's airplane and watched grandpa push every button, turn every knob, and check every instrument.  It was as if he was going to have to learn all this to fly the plane after...he was so serious.

Time for take off and I don't think I have seen Charlie so still in his life. EVER.  He barely moved a muscle.  When he was all done all he could say was "I FLY!  I FLY!"  He came home and went to Noah and said, "Baby, I fly!"  Needless to say, it was Charlie's best day ever.  Watch his video HERE!

BestDayEver_0418 BestDayEver_0419 BestDayEver_0420 BestDayEver_0421 BestDayEver_0422 BestDayEver_0423 BestDayEver_0424 BestDayEver_0425 BestDayEver_0426 BestDayEver_0427 BestDayEver_0428 BestDayEver_0429 BestDayEver_0430 BestDayEver_0431 BestDayEver_0432 BestDayEver_0433

A Month of Charlie - September 2015

This was a hard month for Charlie.  He is such a polite little boy normally, but I think his "I'm not an only child anymore" syndrome kicked in.  He was just breaking ALL the rules these past few weeks.  We have adjusted a few things and tired some new teaching methods and so far as of a few days ago we are a little better.  He still loves his little brother SO much though.  You can tell he is just itching for the day Noah can play with him as well. Right now, Charlie's favorite things to do are playing with tools in daddy's garage, watching Toy Story and Wallie, and making big messes around the house.  Charlie just got a new bed too.  Little guy got upgraded from a twin to a full bed... :)  We wanted to have a guest bed in our house for family or if I need to move to the other room because Jake is snoring so loudly, ha, so the twin bed is now a guest bed!  Charlie loves his big bed.

He is talking SO much lately.   He comes up with new words everyday.  It is hard to figure out what they are at first, but then "peez car" starts to sound a lot more like police car after a few tries!

Month of Charlie Sept_0363 Month of Charlie Sept_0364 Month of Charlie Sept_0365 Month of Charlie Sept_0366

He LOVES holding Noah's hand.  He would hold it all the time if he could!

Month of Charlie Sept_0367 Month of Charlie Sept_0368 Month of Charlie Sept_0369

And this happened...We sent him to timeout and were wondering why he was so quiet...We walked in and the room was COVERED in baby powder.  He made an effort to just cover every inch.  We had a good laugh.

Month of Charlie Sept_0370 Month of Charlie Sept_0371 Month of Charlie Sept_0372 Month of Charlie Sept_0373 Month of Charlie Sept_0374 Month of Charlie Sept_0375

Month of Charlie Sept_0376 Month of Charlie Sept_0377

A Month of Charlie - August 2015

This month Charlie really grew up!  He took on the took the role of big brother very seriously.  Before Noah, he relied on mom and dad to do a lot for him, but now he steps up and cares care of a lot more on his own.  His behavior has improved as well.  I am no longer as scared to go out to dinner with him.  Before I was afraid if he would even make it though until we got our food.  Thank goodness that has gotten better because we love eating out in this family!  We have been watching movies together as well.  He can actually sit through a whole movie now.  I never thought that I would say that about Charlie.  It's so great to be to be able to sit down next to him and cuddle...although he does talk throughout the entire movie about what is going on... :) He is speaking pretty well now.  Saying sentences and everyday learning a new word.  He LOVES colors and counting.  However, everything is either orange or the number 2.

This month has been a very "life changing" month for him adding a new little one to the family but he is just taking it SO well.  He has become EXTRA loving.  Always saying "Hi Bay-Bay" to Noah, holding his hand in the car, kissing him, trying to play with him...and ALWAYS asking where Noah is.  He loves his brother so very much!

Charlie August_0324 Charlie August_0325 Charlie August_0326 Charlie August_0327 Charlie August_0328 Charlie August_0329 Charlie August_0330 Charlie August_0331 Charlie August_0332 Charlie August_0333 Charlie August_0334 Charlie August_0335 Charlie August_0336 Charlie August_0337 Charlie August_0338 Charlie August_0339 Charlie August_0340 Charlie August_0341 Charlie August_0342 Charlie August_0343 Charlie August_0344 Charlie August_0345 Charlie August_0346 Charlie August_0347



A Month of Charlie - July 2015

I was really looking forward to writing this post because I knew it would be the last "Month of Charlie" post of Charlie being the only child.  Next month he will be a big brother and hopefully really kind and gentle to his little brother.  We are a little worried about how Charlie just might think that Noah can do everything he does as soon as Noah is here.  Charlie is already LOVING pushing Noah's empty stroller around...poor Noah is in for a bumpy ride.  I am sure Charlie will absolutely adore his little bro. This past month has been especially difficult.  Work has been SO busy.  I got sick.  Charlie got VERY sick (had a 104 fever at one point).  AND Charlie had another sleep regression.  He was such a fantastic sleeper until the 4th of July evening when our neighbors were lighting the loudest fireworks ever in their backyard.  It scared Charlie to pieces.  Now he things every night when he goes to sleep that those fireworks will come back.  So, he has been refusing to sleep at all.  No sleeping at night...and then if we do get him to sleep at night, he runs into our room in the middle of the night.  I am praying this phase passes quickly.

On the plus side Charlie has ALL his baby teeth in!  YAY!  No more teething for him.  Now we just have all of Noah's to go! ;)

Charlie-July_0297 Charlie-July_0296 Charlie-July_0299 Charlie-July_0298 Charlie-July_0300 Charlie-July_0303 Charlie-July_0302 Charlie-July_0305 Charlie-July_0301 Charlie-July_0304


A Month With Charlie - June 2015

This month I have noticed him looking like a little boy more than ever.  He is stringing more and more sentences together with the crazy words that he makes up.  "Doo dahh, sky eerrm" Which basically translates into, 'Uncle Jordan went on an airplane (eeermm is the sound of the plane)'. I won't forget, the other day Charlie was talking away (side note: Charlie is ALWAYS talking.  He is never just silent.  He always has to be saying something) and then he started being silly and making his words sound I started to make fun of him.  He looked at me and just started cracking up.  I thought it was hilarious myself because he knew I was making fun of him and he knew to just laugh it off.  :)

It has been VERY hot so we have been taking advantage of our pool.  Charlie has become obsessed with swimming.  He held onto us and kicked as hard as he can so that it can splash.  But he didn't really get the point that he had to lay on his tummy.  Rather, he was running in place...looked like a little seahorse.  So, the other day we got him a life vest so we all can enjoy the pool a little bit more, and that just made him want the pool more than before.   He was timid at first with the life vest, but now he is swimming with no assistance...kicking away.

We have been working on A LOT of projects around the house...can't wait to share soon, but Charlie has been loving all the tools dad has been bringing out.  He just stands along right beside Jake and wants to get right in the action.

Charlie-June_0294 Charlie-June_0292

As a photographer, I try to get my child to smile normally, but most of the time I just get this....

Charlie-June_0291 Charlie-June_0290

But every now and then he gives me a normal smile.

Charlie-June_0293 Charlie-June_0295