Jackson and Levi - Family Photography

The last time I did my nephew, Jackson's photos, he was only 6 months old...Now he is a little over 2 years.  So he was LOOONG over due for "aunt photoshoot time", but this time I got to shoot little Levi too.  Needless to say, they were so much fun to shoot.  Jackson was acting like a little goofball the whole time which kept us all laughing!

Schulze Family - Family Photographer

Last but not least of my family shoots this season...my own parents.  Us Schulze's are all leaders so it was sure a funny time shooting photos for 4 other "leaders".  We had a good time though!  Time with family is always special.  Got some great shots and it made for an awesome looking Christmas card.  Noah even got to sneak in for a few photos as well. Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0147 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0140 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0154 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0152 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0143 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0142 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0146 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0148 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0151 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0149 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0141 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0145 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0144 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0150 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0153

Schulze Family - Los Angeles Family Photographer

Some people might disagree, but working with your family is the best thing ever!  I shot my brother and sister-in-laws Christmas card photos this weekend and it was so much fun.  It was super windy and very cold so we made it a quick as possible, but you would never know.  Their outfits were on point and little Jackson's smiles could warm any heart. <3


AHH, that smile!!!
















West/Murtha Family Photos - Los Angeles Family Photographer

I normally do not blog on Sundays but I cannot help myself when there is such a beautiful family to share.  My brother's girlfriend, Diane, wanted to surprise her sister with family photos since she was in town for Thanksgiving.   I was so excited when she asked me to take them, because lately, family shoots have been my absolute favorite.  Families are just so fun and like this one, SO photogenic.









I love getting photos of mom and dad alone.  So rare to get these once you have kids! :)






As you can see, this baby is surely LOVED a whole lot!




Beautiful sisters! <3



Merrilees Family Photos - Los Angeles Family Photographer

This is the 3rd year that I have done this beautiful family's Christmas card photos.  (You can see their previous years here: 2013, 2014)  Year after year I look forward to their photo session.  Couldn't have a more down to earth and fun family to work with. This year they had a new addition to their family and it was so great to add another one to this already gorgeous bunch!  :)

Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0003 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0009 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0012 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0011 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0008 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0000 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0005 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0010 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0006 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0004 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0002 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0001 Family-Portrait-Photographer-Los-Angeles_0007


When the Hard Drives Fail...

One of my favorite things to do at home is to go into my mom's closet and pull down all our family photos and albums.  Thumbing through the photos just laughing and smiling at every photo.  There is nothing like bringing back those memories!  I was reading in article last week on how we live in such a convenient age.  Computers and smart phones have made things so easy on us.  In regards to photos, just snapping a photo on your phone and it is there in your cloud "forever".  Or if you have a digital camera, just upload it to your computer and you can look back on those pictures whenever you want...until your hard drive fails or until the clouds don't exist anymore. I have had so many computer and hard drives crash on me, and all my personal photos on there are gone forever, or I can pay someone $1000 to have all 500GB recovered.  That is not my definition of fun.  So after reading this article that was explaining all of this, it really got me thinking.  If my main computer were to get stolen or crash, there would be no family photos.  God forbid that ever happen, but I want to be safe, not sorry.  This lead me to the huge task of printing ALL our family photos, all 1143 of them.  I didn't go print them at some special or expensive place, just uploaded them to Shutterfly, which took, no joke, 4 days for it all to upload.  Although the quality is not 100% amazing....The memories are.    $117 later, I have all our photos at our fingertips... in a box for 2014!

Printing-your-home-photos Printing-your-home-photos Printing-your-home-photos

Then, with all of my favorite photos, I made an album!  Something we can put on the coffee table and bring out at parties!  I think that album has become Charlie's favorite book.  He will sit with us for 30 minutes straight (a very rare thing for Charlie) and just look at every single page!

The last thing I want to happen is have all our memories erased just because of a faulty cloud or computer.  It was a very hard task to get all these photo printed and the album made, but goodness does it feel good to have at assurance that our photos are in more than one place.

Printing-your-home-photos Printing-your-home-photos


Wildwood Canyon - Family Photography

I think I can count on one hand how many family photos we have of just the 3 of us...  It is not many.  It is so sad too.  There is nothing like a good family photo and unfortunately, those are a rare find for a lot of families. The forecast said 50% chance of rain, but since this family too knows how special it is to have everyone together in one place, we took the chance and did the shoot.  Turned out to be beautiful skies despite the chilly air.

Family-Photography_0149 Family-Photography_0147 Family-Photography_0146 Family-Photography-1 Family-Photography-7 Family-Photography_0148 Family-Photography-5 Family-Photography-3 Family-Photography-4 Family-Photography-2 Family-Photography-6 Family-Photography_0150

Union Station Family Shoot

This family was an absolute pleasure to shoot with.  Four kids made things fun and upbeat.  It took a team to get all four looking at once...but we did it.  Aren't they adorable?  They  were such a fun family.  Turns out as we have A LOT of things in common.  Let's just say they know my grandparents, they were in my mom's modeling agency at one point, Jake toured an open house that Ailson (the mom) put on, the grandma lived on our street, and....the list goes on.  It is just crazy how many things were connecting as we kept talking.  It just made for a great time shooting!  Here to another fun Union Station shoot! Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0029 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0032 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0036 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0030 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0037 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0040 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0031 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0033 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0034 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0035 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0039 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0038

Union Station Family Photos

It's not often where I get to shoot in such a fun locations TWICE in one month.  Union Station has become one of my favorite photography spots.  The spanish style architecture and colors are just amazing to shoot with.  So I was more that happy to hear where this family wanted to shoot their Christmas card photos!  AND the colors of their outfits just fit so well with the surroundings...great planning!  With laughter and energetic spirits we wandered through Union Station finding all the perfect spots. Union-Station-Family-Photos_0055 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0059 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0057 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0056 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0058 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0054 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0061 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0060


Union Station Family Photos - Becca Liz Photography

Merrilees Family - Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

It is always the best feeling in the world when clients just feel like friends.  This is my second family shoot with the Merrilees and even before that first family shoot, I photographed the little kiddos, Mitchell and Juliette!   So over the last few years it has been fun getting together for these shoots. And Charlie has been enjoying it too.  We took Charlie to their family train shoot last year and his little 8 month old self loved being there and seeing other little kids.  So we brought him along this time, and my did he have a blast playing in the leaves with them and running around.  It is definitely not called work when you have this much fun... Merrilees Family, you look beautiful as always!


Their outfits were just the cutest thing.

Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0024 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0021 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0022 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0038

This has to be one of my favorite photos.  I told mom and dad to kiss and Juliette had the cute idea that she should kiss her brother!

Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0026 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0027 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0028 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0023 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0029

Time for some couple shots.  These two just warmed up the camera with their gorgeous smiles!  So photogenic.

Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0030 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0031 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0032 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0041 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0033

Okay, maybe this next series of photos is my favorite...Look at the joy of Juliette.  I think it is safe to say she was having a good time!

Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0034 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0035 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0036 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0039 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0025

Had to throw one of these in there!  This is what goes on behind the scenes in the middle of all those good smiles.... Photos like this, in about 10 years when you look back on it, are the ones that you just can't stop laughing at!