Girls Night In - Wine Party

"Friends are like boobs, some are big, some are small, some real and some are fake.  I am sure glad mine are real" ;) Every once and a while it is just necessary that girls get together, no guys allowed, to have some good ole' girl fun.  My mom planned a girls' night at her home.  It was all mix and match antique plates and classy wine glasses.  With plenty of finger food pastries and yummies the night stayed young with lots of laughter and conversation.  There were details at every turn making it feel like such a special evening!

And we also realized that girls eat WAY more when there are no guys around.   No one went home hungry!

Girls-Night-Out_0023 Girls-Night-Out_0022 Girls-Night-Out_0019 Girls-Night-Out_0018

My mom made these little magnetic wine cork succulents for everyone as a gift to take as they left.  I wanted to take like 5 to put on my fridge!Wine-cork-pants Girls-Night-Out_0012 Girls-Night-Out_0013 Girls-Night-Out_0014 Girls-Night-Out_0017 Girls-Night-Out_0016 Girls-Night-Out_0015

Girl nights definitely need to happen WAY more often! Until the next one!

Aleppo Kitchen - Food Photography

Last week Jake had the awesome opportunity to photograph menu items for a new restaurant in the area, Aleppo Kitchen.  Jake, being the food fanatic that he is, LOVED doing this.  He got to try a lot of the food and  he totally recommends to anyone in the area looking for a yummy new place to eat.  It's sure a good thing we don't do food photography can't eat this much all the time! This was not the blog post to write when you are off to get some food! ;)

 Aleppo-Kitchen-2 Aleppo-Kitchen-BeccaClicks Aleppo-Kitchen-Burbank Aleppo-Kitchen Food-Photography-1 Food-Photography Food-Photos

BeccaClicks Photography - Food Photography

Charlie's First Birthday Party - First Birthday Party Photography

Planning a party with a husband with a broken leg was not an easy task, but I must say, it was a fun party.  This weekend we celebrated Charlie's First Birthday!  Charlie had a blast walking around to each person and getting lots of love!  Good wine, burgers, and cheesecake made the night extra yummy.  The funniest part of the party?  Charlie eating or NOT eating'll see below.... I was so proud of myself for getting all set up in time so I can take photos of everything, but then at the end of the party I realized I only picked up my camera ONCE during the entire night.  I was so sad.  So this is why people hire photographers!!!!  Then I remembered, Jake's dad had a camera in his hand the entire night and I suddenly was not sad anymore!  All the detail shots are from me and all the fun party shots are Jake's dad.  So thankful for him and his camera! ;)  Together we pretty much got the party covered without even knowing it.

I am so thankful for everyone's help!  I could not have done this alone!  Thank you for making this such a special party.

Chalk-board-decorations First-Birthday-Photography Birthday-party-Photographer

Each table had a milestone Charlie hit in his first year! 1st-Birthday-centerpieces First-Birthday-Decorations-tables First-Birthday-Decorations Birthday-setup 1st-Birthday-Food First-Birthday-Food Genius wine no one can lose their glass!  AND it went with my theme! Wine-Charms 1st-Birthday-Drinks Family-albums This patio table was part of our backyard "makeover".  It was a perfect fit for the party!First-birthday-design Birthday-decorations Birthday boy making his entrance ;)baby-Charlie 2014-04-27_0021 2014-04-27_0023 2014-04-27_0031 2014-04-27_0024 These next two photos are my FAVORITE from the whole night.  Charlie beating up his cousin Jackson apparently....2014-04-27_0025 2014-04-27_0026 first-birthday-babyJordan making some great hamburgers! 2014-04-27_0030 2014-04-27_0022 2014-04-27_0029 Yes, that big cake in the middle is ALL Charlie's. 2014-04-27_0028 However, when it came time for cake, he was SO tired and just ready for bed.  You can see how dazed he looks!BIrthday-Cake-1st AND then we thought he would enjoy smashing the cake and playing with it like he does all his food, but he was too freaked out that his hands were dirty.  When has he ever cared about his hands being dirty??  So we could not let an AMAZING tasting cake go to waste.  Jake thought quick on his feet and got revenge for our wedding day when I smashed cake in his face so he covered my face in cake.  After that, we all devoured Charlie's cake! 2014-04-27_0027

Happy Birthday Charlie!

<3, Mommy

BeccaClicks Event Photography - First Birthday Party Photography

Six Years Ago...

One of the best things about building a business of your own is creating it to be something you are proud of.  It becomes your "baby".  With many hours at the beginning figuring it out, making it work, learning and failing... You work long and hard to make it strong!  That is just what I have done... Just about this time 6 years ago is when I got handed the camera and did my first photo shoot. My mom used to be a head shot photographer in the days.  Ever since I was just a few months old I would go to her every shoot!  I loved seeing her photograph the little kids. It looked so fun.  When she got the photos back from the lab, it was always so neat how the photos turned out being just a fun to look at as it was for her to shoot them. Then, in changing with the times, it switched over to the digital age the post-processing end was getting too arduous for her film mind.  The editing was such a fun part to me.  For a while, I did all her editing, but that just gave me the itch to take the photos myself as well.  Bring all my mom's amazing guidance with me, I was off to shoot on my own!

Many years later, I have grown tremendously.  And for that growth I am very thankful.  I am very blessed to have a web-programmer husband/second shooter/my-number-one-fan to keep me strong and fresh in my work.  He is constantly challenging me, and I am always pushing his creativity limits.  Guess we make a good team. Because of that push we have given one another, we have never been as happy with our business as we am now.  Loving what we do, loving that we work together, and looking so forward to the next 6 years and beyond.

the-amazing-rebecca (1)


Happy Saturday!

Love, Becca & Jake


Kate - First Birthday Party

A jumper, face paint, piñata, birthday cake, a life size cooked pig... yes, you read that right.  A 4 foot cooked pig was in attendance at this first birthday party.  Freaked me out at first, but I quickly realized that it was actually a pretty yummy lunch! Last Sunday, Jake and I photographed a first birthday party.  The little birthday girl, Kate, had so much fun at her own party that she had to take a nap in the middle in order to have energy to finish the party ;)  It was a chilly day, but the jumper, good food, and many laughs kept everyone warm.

It was a fun time being apart of a family gathering like this.

First-Birthday-Jumper First-Birthday-Girl-2

The beautiful birthday girl:First-Birthday-Girl 1st-Birthday-Jumper First-Birthday-Food

I love this photo of the birthday girl's big sister...I think she likes it? ;)First-Birthday-Activities First-Birthday-Cake

Mommy and her big girl!Event-Photographer-First-Birthday

Everyone had a great time....even the babies!


Grandma and her little girl.First-Birthday-Party-2

Family photo!First-Birthday-Family-Pictures First-Birthday-Party

Jake working his magic... ;)Event-Photographer

2013: A Year in Review

2013 was a huge year....

baby-chars maternity-photos

In between 35+ shoots, Jake and I welcomed our little miracle into our lives, built a new webpage (thank you to my husband for that one!), created a blog, became an aunt....


....and remained somewhat sane with all our other life things we needed to get done.  It was a busy year!  But I would not have wanted it any other way.  I have been so blessed with what God has thrown into my life this past year.  Although, at times I wondered why He was testing me so much, with all the amazing help and support Jake and I have had, I know there is always light at the end of that rough patch. (Like having Charlie start sleeping though the night!!!!)

I cannot wait to see what He has planned for us this year.


Adult-Headshots-LA Child-Headshot-Photographer BeccaClicks-Children-Headshots Burbank-Headshot-photographers Child-headshots-LA teen-headshots-LA teen-headshots-LA-Burbank Children-photography-LA chilren-headshots-burbank Headshots-by-BeccaClicks BeccaClicks-LA-Photographer Headshots-LA-BeccaClicks kid-headshots-LA children-photographer baby-headshots-LA baby-photographer

Family-Christmas-Card-Photos Family-shoot-LA children-family-photographer

family-photography-LA BeccaClicks-Photography Photography-by-Becca-Clicks Headshots-LA-Children Headshots-by-Becca-Clicks-Photography Headshots-by-BeccaClicks-PhotographyHello 2014!


Jackson Andrew Schulze

Some might call me crazy, but rainy weather is the most PERFECT weather.   And it really just set the mood beautifully for little Jackson Andrew Schulze to be born.  I am so excited to be an aunt.  Ever since I have left that hospital I have not stopped thinking about how amazing babies are.  They bring so much joy, so much happiness, and so many sleepless nights ;) Us waiting in the waiting room!


Passing the time away! :)Hospital-waiting-room

Welcome to the world little Jackson.  You are so blessed.  You have so many people that love you SO much!Hospital-photography

Jackson and Grandma Schulze.Baby-Hospital-Photos

The proud daddy and grandpa!


Jackson and his amazing mommy!Baby-Photography

He is a perfect little boy.  I am so happy for my brother and Melissa!  They were just beaming.  They will make incredible parents.  Even though we were only there for just a few moments, I HAD to get some pictures.  The ones that we took of Charlie just moments after he was born are some of my favorites.  You really forget just how little they were.

Can't wait for Jackson and Charlie to be best buds!

What a great day!

And we're live!!!

BeccaClicks officially got a makeover!  My dear husband spent hours and hours of buried in his computer and after a month and a half of work, BeccaClicks up and running.  I felt so bad for Jake, because I must have changed the design about 5 times on him. "Jaaaake, actually....."  Oy! But, I am so happy with the way it turned out.  I now don't have to use a blogspot for a blog and everything is so nicely connected on my webpage.  I'm still going to keep the old blog up, just so I can look back at it in 5 years ;) Looking forward to blogging a whole lot more!

And since it has been a while, here is my little Charlie.  5 months old this past Sunday!  I can't believe it.  In fact, on his 5 month mark, he learned how to sit up!  He's a bit wobbly, but he can do it!  CharlieBaby

2012 Burroughs Prom - Woodstock Group

Ms. Aguilera rolled out the red carpet (literally) for her son, Nick's, senior prom. She invited his group of friends, notoriously known as "Woodstock", over for an elegant pre-party to prom. She set out beautiful trays of fruit, quiche, and pigs-in-a-blanket and they popped bottles of Martinelli (sparkling cider, ahem!).
The "Woodstock" crew arrived at Ms. Aguilera's home an hour before their pictures at Johnny Carson park. They wanted to capture their looks before letting it all go on the dance floor that night in a fashion warehouse in Downtown LA.
I hope everyone can look back on these pictures years from now and smile. Thank you Woodstock for letting us have a great time taking your portraits.
P.S. If you are apart of this prom and want to get your pictures just shoot us over an email [email protected]
- Jake and Becca Berg
Prom-Boy-Photos Prom-Boy-Shoots Prom-Date-Photoshoot Prom-Date-Picture-Black-and-White Prom-Family-Photoshoot Prom-Family-Shoot Prom-Funny-Group-Picture Prom-Girls-Laughing Prom-Group-Guys Prom-Guy Prom-Headshot-Boy Prom-Limo Prom-Makeup Prom-Men-Laughing Prom-Mom-Photo Prom-Party-Food Prom-Phone-Group-Photo Prom-Red-Carpet Prom-Smiling-Guy