Adam & Theresa - Engaged!

I have known Adam for many years through singing at Church.  Adam is the music director there.  So many a Sundays are spent with Adam, and well Jesus too!  I met Theresa a couple years back through Church as well.  A few dinner parties, family events and Church happenings later we all became great friends.  I was so honored when they asked me to be their photographer.  It is so special to be able to capture a friends wedding! When we sat down and had our first "meeting" about the photos, Jake and I learned that their wedding is going to be a pretty special one.  These two are having their ceremony in the LA Cathedral.  The biggest, most beautiful church I have ever seen...I thought that was icing on the cake to photographing this wedding...but then they told us their reception is on a train!!!  Yes, a train is picking us up at Union Station taking us to San Diego and back!  It is going to be the wedding of the century!  And so perfect for these two, since Adam is an avid train lover!  This wedding will definitely reflect them.  So perfect!

November cannot come any sooner!!!

Travel-town-Engagement-Photos-Photographer_0015 Travel-town-Engagement-Photos-Photographer_0017 Travel-town-Engagement-Photos-Photographer_0016

Okay, Theresa, you are a natural!



Check out that ring too.  Gorgeous!  Great job, Adam!

Travel-town-Engagement-Photos-Photographer_0028 Travel-town-Engagement-Photos-Photographer_0018 Travel-town-Engagement-Photos-Photographer_0022 Travel-town-Engagement-Photos-Photographer_0019 Travel-town-Engagement-Photos-Photographer_0020


Travel-town-Engagement-Photos-Photographer_0021 Travel-town-Engagement-Photos-Photographer_0024 Travel-town-Engagement-Photos-Photographer_0025

Model it!



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