Jackson and Levi - Family Photography

The last time I did my nephew, Jackson's photos, he was only 6 months old...Now he is a little over 2 years.  So he was LOOONG over due for "aunt photoshoot time", but this time I got to shoot little Levi too.  Needless to say, they were so much fun to shoot.  Jackson was acting like a little goofball the whole time which kept us all laughing!

Anton - Baby Headshots

I did little Anton's headshots about a year ago.  I remember it was such an entertaining shoot, because at just about 6 months old he was busting a gut during the whole photo shoot.  Mom said he was like that all the time.  I could not believe it!  Now come time to shoot with him again, I definitely believe it.  He is still the same giggly little boy who just doesn't stop smiling for the camera! Baby-Headshots-Photography_0122 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0131 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0129 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0130 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0126 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0128 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0121 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0127 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0125 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0124 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0123


Dallas - Baby Headshots

To think that when I first started out doing headshots that I was terrified of taking photos of babies.  There was absolutely no way I was going to photograph any child less than 4 years old.  I just was worried I would make them cry or I would not be able to get the shots that I wanted...I was totally wrong. I am SO glad that having Charlie really made me rethink the whole baby shoot thing.  Baby photo shoots are one of my most favorite kinds of shoots because getting to work with little dolls such as Dallas just makes my heart smile!

Baby-Headshots-Photography_0120 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0119 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0115 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0118 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0117 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0116 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0114 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0113

Cohl - Baby Headshots

Lately, with being almost 8.5 month pregnant, it has been hard doing photo shoots.  My feet and back can only handle so much.  That is why these baby shoots have been perfect for me.  They are short and sweet and filled with a lot of smiles. This little guy, Cohl, was just so sweet and so expressive.  He was babbling away the whole shoot.  And I will be fortunate enough to shoot him again in a few weeks as long as I don't go into labor before then ;)

Baby-headshots_0085 Baby-headshots_0089 Baby-headshots_0090 Baby-headshots_0088 Baby-headshots_0086 Baby-headshots_0087 Baby-headshots_0091

Lagen - Baby Headshots

Okay, I cannot even handle the cuteness of these photos.  As this shoot was unfolding, I could not believe how obedient this little guy was...AND he is only TWO!!!!  He did everything I told him to do and struck a pose with each shot.  I just can't get over is little smile and hands in the pocket!  :) Baby-headshots_0076 Baby-headshots_0081 Baby-headshots_0077 Baby-headshots_0082 Baby-headshots_0078 Baby-headshots_0080 Baby-headshots_0083 Baby-headshots_0079 Baby-headshots_0084

Featured on: Rustic Baby Chic

Today is a rather exciting day!  I opened my email this afternoon to find out one of my favorite little girl smash the cake sessions is being featured on Rustic Baby Chic's blog today!  There is just something so neat about seeing your photos somewhere other than your own site and blog.  This was such a fun shoot, and believe it or not, it was done in my own garage! ;)  You would never know!  See here for the feature on Rustic Baby Chic and here for the original post with all the photos!Baby-headshots_0078 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0001Smash-The-Cake-Session_0000


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