Brooke - Children Headshots

Red hair, cute freckles, missing teeth, and an adorable smile!  That is the perfect recipe for some awesome photos.  She also had the best no-smile-face too, which is hard to do for some people, but she mastered it.  This little lady just loved getting her hair and make up done...but I think mostly because she got to go to school looking like that too! Children-Headshot-Photographer_0027 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0014 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0021 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0015 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0023 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0016 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0017 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0018 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0026 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0020 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0013 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0022 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0019 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0024 Children-Headshot-Photographer_0025

Becca Liz Photography - Children Headshots