Brooke - Children Headshots

I am very excited to share this shoot with you.  I knew it was going to be a great shoot when mom walks in with her daughters entire closet full of super fun, sparkly, cute clothes.  I had so much to choose from, I had no idea how I even got it down to 3 outfits! Brooke was such an easy model to work with!  She listened to all our crazy ideas and made them look even better than I pictured in my head.

Children-Girl-Headshots_0012Children-Girl-Headshots_0011 Children-Girl-Headshots_0027 Children-Girl-Headshots_0015

Blue eyes + leopard print sweater + red couch = perfect combination for AWESOME photos!Children-Girl-Headshots_0016 Children-Girl-Headshots_0017

I left this in here because for some reason that day I could not speak...Everything that came out of my mouth was completely mixed up.   I mean who gets knees and elbows confused?!  I do I guess.  But it makes for some fun, natural laughing photos!Children-Girl-Headshots_0018 Children-Girl-Headshots_0024 Children-Girl-Headshots_0014 Children-Girl-Headshots_0013 Children-Girl-Headshots_0025

I wish I had a dress like this!

Children-Girl-Headshots_0019 Children-Girl-Headshots_0020 Children-Girl-Headshots_0021 Children-Girl-Headshots_0029 Children-Girl-Headshots_0022 Children-Girl-Headshots_0023 Children-Girl-Headshots_0026 Children-Girl-Headshots_0028


Children Headshots - BeccaClicks Photography