Friday Favorites - Appreciation for Two Legs

As you know, I got Jake a dirt bike for our 2 Year Anniversary.  6 weeks ago Jake was riding his dirt bike and another guy fell off his bike and that bike ran right into Jake's leg and broke it.  With an ankle the size of a cantaloupe we went into urgent care hoping for the best,  but end result was his leg was broken.   He got a splint right then and there.   Few days later Jake had surgery and had two screws put in.  These past 6 weeks have been difficult to say the least, especially with a little one, who recently has been loving to be held.   But with lots of prayer for quick recovery, Jake is finally ALL healed.  Nightly walks to Starbucks are back on.  And a whole new appreciation for BOTH of your legs has definitely been learned.

Before (left): That part of your ankle bone that sticks out is called the tibia.  You can see below that it just cracked. After (right):  Two screws.  I wonder if Jake will go off in metal detectors now...


2014-05-25_0013 2014-05-25_0014 2014-05-25_0015