Bianca - Headshots

"Your hair isn't long because you like cheese-its.  You need to eat blackberries!"  That was the answer I got when I asked her why her hair is so long and how I can get mine like that.   Oh, that is why I love working with the little ones.  They always have an awesome perspective on just about everything. This little gal talked a mile a minute throughout the whole shoot.  I am now all caught up on my TV, movies, and kid toys.  ;)  You can tell that she really loves being in front of the camera.  That is when she just lit up.  She moved around, laughed, smiled and just had fun.  Such a pleasure!

So now I know why my hair takes so long to grow...those cheese-its.  Blueberries it is from now on. ;)

Children-Headshots-Burbank-LA Headshots-for-Children-LA Headshots-LA-Burbank Children-Headshots-Burbank Children-Headshots-LA