Being a husband and a handyman

Hey guys. I've secretly decided to post on Becca's blog. Shh! don't tell her ;)

"Jake can you finally install the outlet in our closet so I don't have a green extension cord going into it?"

Marriage cartoon

Yes, guys have it easy when it comes to proms, parties, and weddings. We do up our hair with a $5 gel, rent a $100 tux and done! Not like girls with their dress shopping, makeup, hair done up... etc. Everything else in a man's life is a million times more difficult. If something breaks, we have to fix it. If something needs improving, we improve it. But these little tasks always end up a little more difficult than at first glance. Here are some basic requirements for something that sounds SO easy, "just put and outlet right there."

For months now if not over a year, Becca has tried to get me to install an outlet in our closet. We have our TV in there.  We're very proud not to have any TV's visible around our house. That is why the TV needs to be in our closet. So, maybe it's my fault, I said I could do it but it ended up taking months of waiting  for the right time and momentum to get it done.

First requirement for me to complete this job: moderate weather

I have to wiggle my way through the rafters of the attic scuffing my feet trying to find rafters and watching my head so I don't hit any roofing nails. Due to the fuzzy insulation (not the rolled stuff) we had pumped in up there when we first moved in, I have to be full clothed head to toe. NOTE, why it couldn't be hot outside when I did the work.


Second requirement for me to complete the job: a second helper (which I never had)

I drilled a hole from below up into the attic so I knew where I wanted the outlet to go. That was a great idea! On paper.... once I was in the attic I had very little information to go off of as to where that hole was. So I have to wiggle through the attic back down to the ground floor, hop through my closet where the attic hole is, and then push up some wire through the hole so I could find it more easily. Then I realized that my clothes in MY closet were getting dirty which leads to the third requirement for doing work.


Third requirement: preparation

Get the tools out. Not all the tools, just the ones you need. Can't find a tool? Perfect, look around for it and you remember you had used it in the kitchen and forgot it under the sink. Staying organized in general helps this stage out. When you know where your tools are at you are at an advantage. But it's always work taking out the tools you know you need. It's even more work making sure each piece goes back in the same place that you found it.


Fourth requirement: making a mess

I do not personally like to get dirty. I've never even liked the beach because sand gets everywhere. But sometimes you have to in order to complete your mission. Pictured below I had to remove all the clothes from my closet. There was fuzzy insulation getting all over them because the attic opening was right above them. I didn't decide to pull the clothes out until about my 4th time going in and out.


Fifth requirement: do the job

Take your tools to the attic, measure and cut the conduit, run 2 wires through the conduit, install the conduit into the box, splice the wires into the right connections, cut the hole for the outlet box, install the outlet box, go downstairs, install and wire the outlet. Finally and most importantly, turn the breakers back on and make sure nothing starts burning! If nothing is on fire, see if you actually installed the outlet correctly. If it didn't work, repeat this step about 2-3 more times. IF that still doesn't work try again in 4 months.

See the next installment for the aftermath! :)