Baby Shower

This past Saturday we had a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Melissa, and "boy" was it a good time.  My mom and I loved working on this shower together.  We realized that we make a great party planning team because we think alike and everything somehow got all done!  My mom's home made a nice backdrop and a perfect place to host a party.  Weather was just right and the day could not have gone any better.  Melissa was sure showered with lots and lots of great gifts. I would say the most challenging part of this shower was planning all the games.  I really wanted the games to not be the "typical" games you have when you go to baby showers.  So after thinking long and hard, I could tell that the guests really had a fun time with the games. Game #1 was "Don't Say Baby".  This one is a common one, BUT a fun one!  Right as the guest came in the door they picked up a pacifier necklace.  If, during the party, they said the word baby, they had to surrender all their necklaces. Game #2 was "Finish that Nursery Rhyme!" Jorgie Porgie, pudding in pie, kissed the girls and ____ _____ _____....  I was surprised that so many people could not guess the old nursery rhymes!  It made it a fun challenge! Game #3 was "Guess the Chocolate in the Diaper".  This was a FUN one.  I melted a chocolate bar in the diaper and the guests had to guess which chocolate bar it was (Hershey's with Almonds, Reese's, Snickers....).  The hard part about this one was the fact that you had to put your nose in a diaper that LOOKED like it was soiled!!! Game #4 was "Guess How Much the Bathtub Costs".  I wanted to do a game where Melissa could gain lots of good stuff from it.  So I went to Target and filled up a bathtub of all the baby necessities (bibs, crib sheets, washcloths, toys, diapers, pacifiers.....SO many things) and the guests had to guess how much that tub was. Game #5 was "Guess How Many Marshmallows".  This was something on the side that the guests could do when they were walking around chatting, and it made a great centerpiece for one table.  See the photo below and guess how many were in that jar?!? Game #6 was "The Diaper Raffle". This one I definitely loved at MY shower and helped so much having so many dipaers. Jake and I didn't have to buy diapers for Charlie for a while because of how many diapers we got.  Melissa was blessed to have the same!  Basically, when I sent out the invitation we asked the guests to bring a pack of diapers with their enclosed ticket to be entered into a raffle.  So 30+ people show to the shower meaning that is 30+ packs of diapers the new mommy gets to take home!!!  And those things aren't cheap!!!

And as a treat for all who attended we gave them Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Bottle!  It yields 4 baby cookies, all you need to do is add a few ingredients with the Cookie in a Bottle!!!

I cannot wait to meet my little nephew.  Just by all the people that came and had a good time at the shower, you know that baby will be loved by MANY people.







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