Baby and a House on the Way!

It has been just so hectic with moving that I haven't even been able to announce on my blog about the new addition coming to our family in August!  We are just so excited and I know if Charlie knew what was happening he would be as well. ;)  He's going to be a great big brother. We found out I was pregnant right after Thanksgiving, and since then, it has been a tough journey.  To start this pregnancy off that first weekend that we found out, I got VERY sick with a really bad cold that seemed to have lasted for weeks.  Then as soon as I got over that the morning sickness set in.  No, throwing up or anything, but just not craving or wanting to eat anything because it just all sounded disgusting.  In the middle of that, I got a really bad UTI.  Any one that has bad bladder infections before knows they are the WORST things in the world.  The medication made me sick, so it was just the massive cycle of not feeling well.

BUT the morning sickness has subsided now in my second trimester (16 or 17 weeks as of today, depending on the calendar I look at), but I just have not been able to escape the UTI's.  It has been tough, but it is all worth it.

Immediately, when we found out we were pregnant, we KNEW we needed to find a bigger home.  We are in a 2 bedroom house now, and we were already filling in every space we could with the three of us living there!  So funny how such small little humans can take up SO much space. We were on the hunt for a new place determined to find something before baby comes in August.  Let down after so many bad homes, expensive homes, too-much-of-a-fixer homes, great-house-but-just-doesn't-feel-right homes, we felt like giving up and starting up the hunt later.  On top of it all, our house was on the market and keeping our house in PERFECT condition when you are flying out of the house to get to work on time is SO hard.  Just when we wanted to stop it all, my mom called me randomly one day and said she KNOWS that perfect house it out there.  She said she can feel it.  We just have to wait.

Well waiting we week later.  God picked out the perfect home for us.  This house had our names written all over it.  But more of that to come later...for now, I have some packing to do! ;)