Baby Headshots

I have always really enjoyed photographing little kids.  Their energy, their personalities, and their innocence… ALL are just so sweet.  But ever since having my little Charlie, I noticed that I enjoy it even more.  Charlie is 7 months (as of last Friday. Happy 7 month Birthday Chars!) So whenever I see a little one his age I get so excited because I know they are at the same stages Charlie is.  OR if a child is older, I look forward to the next “steps” Charlie will be taking. Being a mom is so handy when you are a children’s photographer.  Before Charlie, I didn’t really know how to act with a 1 year old versus a 3 year old.  Now the difference is a lot clearer!  It is peek-a-boo versus ‘what sound does a cow make’?

I really enjoyed shooting these little cuties on Friday! I thought their outfits were just adorable.  Love all the colors.  Aren’t kids clothes just the cutest?

Happy Monday!

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