Friday Favorites - Baby Bow Ties and My Little Nephew

These baby headshots were extra special to me which is why they are on my Friday Favorite series. They are of my one and only favorite nephew, Jackson! He comes to work with mommy everyday so I get to see this little guy grow up from a little shrimp and into a big boy. He is always making me laugh.  I will be working away and then look over and he is just smiling and sticking his tongue out at me...for like 10 mins.  Oh Jackson.  His baby bow tie was extra precious since it made him look like an old man, comb over and all... too much cuteness, it just makes me chuckle every time I see these pictures.  Love his sweet face!

baby-photographer-la Baby-headshots LA-baby-photographer baby-photographer-2 baby-photographers-LA-2 baby-photography-la-1 baby-photography-1 baby-photography-3 baby-photography crying-baby

Had to get some of mommy too ;) mommy-and-me-shoot mommy-and-me-photography