Friday Favorites - Appreciation for Current Times

How Can I Appreciate Technology When So Many Don't? by Jake.

Because I got to see Becca, my girlfriend at the time who lived 160 miles away, I get to watch and re-watch videos of my favorite little boy, and when it comes to being safe we've never been so well taken care of. So many people I talk to are very discontent with what technology has done with society (Becca included). I on the other hand couldn't agree less. Technology has done wonders for bringing people closer together than ever.

Skype, Email, and Texting

Long distance relationships

When Becca and I first started dating plus one full year of engagement living 160 miles apart, Skype was our best friend. We would talk every night and were fortunate enough to get to "see" each other every night.

And apparently the racoons Skyped with me...Video Snapshot of ibelongincanada-2

Camera Phones

Every night Becca and I look at pictures on our phones of, you guessed it, our son Charlie. Even though we never take enough new pictures to keep it updated, we will still watch the same videos over and over again and make us laugh in the process just as hard as the last time. This was barely possible 10 years ago and not at all possible 20 years ago. In the days of developing photos yes, you could re-create this idea but the simplicity of turning on your phone and clicking the photos icon makes it much more available.

The only way you can capture awesome moments like your son playing the organ and raising his hand for all to join in is only with the phone in your hand...No time to grab a camera for moments like this. IMG_0970

Health and Safety

We now have cars avoid collisions, park themselves, and phones that we can talk to. But let's also take into consideration how technology keeps us healthy when our body isn't. I broke my leg 2 months ago. With a swipe of my ID card I was checked into the hospital. The internal computer system used by the nurses and receptionist was all uniform so when it was my turn to be called in everyone was on the same page and the urgent care filled with 30 sick and injured flowed smoothly. My blood pressure was taken by a machine that operated by isself. My records were displayed on a screen including such details as, "Oh, I see you hurt your knee back in 2008."