Anton - Baby Headshots

I did little Anton's headshots about a year ago.  I remember it was such an entertaining shoot, because at just about 6 months old he was busting a gut during the whole photo shoot.  Mom said he was like that all the time.  I could not believe it!  Now come time to shoot with him again, I definitely believe it.  He is still the same giggly little boy who just doesn't stop smiling for the camera! Baby-Headshots-Photography_0122 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0131 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0129 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0130 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0126 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0128 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0121 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0127 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0125 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0124 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0123