Altitude is Everything

Like I mentioned in my last post, life has been so busy right now.  With photo shoots, work, family time, other life stresses, and then figuring out what to do for dinner...It is a struggle sometimes to manage it all.  I am so thankful I have SUCH a helping husband who does so much, but still our plate is overflowing.  Some nights when I go to bed, I worry what Charlie is thinking with all this craziness happening?  Does he wish there was way more mommy time?  Is he sad mom and dad are working..after work?  Jake always calms my mind and says that we are doing our best and giving him all the love he can ever hope for!  This is true. I was invited to a mommy group this week, and I could not have come at a more perfect time.  I was nice to feel I am really not the only person who has these thoughts.  The best thing that I can do right now is just make sure that my attitude is positive.  It doesn't matter how busy I may be, but when Charlie and I have that one-on-one time I am not stressed or worried about work...It is just me and him and lots of love.  Keeping that positiveness and thinking good thoughts will only project that throughout my entire day, no matter how busy I may be.  Attitude is everything! The biggest impact I can have on Charlie is how I act!  I have to savor all these moments.  As a friend said, "Days are long, but years go by fast!"

And in Charlie's case....ALTITUDE is everything! ;)

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