Alex & Kate - Headshots

"You're really in the mood to take photos today.  This is fun!" said my little model.  I guess she thought I was extra excited to take photos that day, which I definitely was and am with any shoot...Especially when my clients are as fun as these girls were.  It really made me smile to know that she felt my enthusiasm and she just fed off of that.  For any photographer, that chemistry is a DREAM to work with, and I love these photos because of all the fun we had.  The smiles are real and the laughs are genuine.  Just the look you always want to achieve!

pretty-girl-headshots Little-girl-headshot family-portraits Head-shots-girl-LA little-girl-head-shots head-shots-little-girl baby-head-shots-1 baby-head-shots baby-headshot-LA one-year-head-shots baby-photographer little-girl-head-shots-Los-Angeles