A Month of Charlie - September 2015

This was a hard month for Charlie.  He is such a polite little boy normally, but I think his "I'm not an only child anymore" syndrome kicked in.  He was just breaking ALL the rules these past few weeks.  We have adjusted a few things and tired some new teaching methods and so far as of a few days ago we are a little better.  He still loves his little brother SO much though.  You can tell he is just itching for the day Noah can play with him as well. Right now, Charlie's favorite things to do are playing with tools in daddy's garage, watching Toy Story and Wallie, and making big messes around the house.  Charlie just got a new bed too.  Little guy got upgraded from a twin to a full bed... :)  We wanted to have a guest bed in our house for family or if I need to move to the other room because Jake is snoring so loudly, ha, so the twin bed is now a guest bed!  Charlie loves his big bed.

He is talking SO much lately.   He comes up with new words everyday.  It is hard to figure out what they are at first, but then "peez car" starts to sound a lot more like police car after a few tries!

Month of Charlie Sept_0363 Month of Charlie Sept_0364 Month of Charlie Sept_0365 Month of Charlie Sept_0366

He LOVES holding Noah's hand.  He would hold it all the time if he could!

Month of Charlie Sept_0367 Month of Charlie Sept_0368 Month of Charlie Sept_0369

And this happened...We sent him to timeout and were wondering why he was so quiet...We walked in and the room was COVERED in baby powder.  He made an effort to just cover every inch.  We had a good laugh.

Month of Charlie Sept_0370 Month of Charlie Sept_0371 Month of Charlie Sept_0372 Month of Charlie Sept_0373 Month of Charlie Sept_0374 Month of Charlie Sept_0375

Month of Charlie Sept_0376 Month of Charlie Sept_0377