A Month of Charlie - December 2015

Charlie will be 3 this year!!!  So crazy!!!  Just a few months away.  He is amazing at telling stories and talking!  I clogged the kitchen sink the other day and he explained to me what the pipes do, and then told the plumber, "Mommy broke sink!"  Thanks Charlie!!!  This month we have worked hard on obedience, potty training, and getting him to eat more.  All three are going well. Obedience - We have been rewarding him here and there for good behavior with a little piece of chocolate.  We don't do it every time because he would just expect it, but when he doesn't expect it we give him a chocolate and say why.  He has been responding really well to it and we have had a lot less "terrible two moments".  If he does breakdown though we usually let him try to figure it out on his own, by telling him to go sit down in his timeout room and he usually comes out a different little boy.

Potty Training - I was so scared to potty train him.  We have been trying for well over 6 months now.  I was worried it would never happen and then this month it just clicked.  We still have a accident here and there, but he is not as embarrassed about telling us when he has to go....YAY!  Diaper days for Charlie are almost done!

Eating More - Ugh.  Still hard but we are getting there.  He is SUCH a picky eater and I have no idea why.  We fed him EVERYTHING when he was younger.  Somewhere between then a now he only likes chicken nuggets...  and he will not try anything new.  We have gotten him to eat some healthier options like yogurt, apples, or "cookies" yogurt covered pretzels (instead of cookies), apple sauce...A lot better than just nuggets and fries.

Charlie loved Christmas this year.  Just overwhelmed by everything!!!  He got a Ford F-150 (just like daddy) Power Wheels and it is just the funniest thing to see him riding it.  He turns the radio on and just drives!!!



He was kissing his truck in this picture lol


CharlieDecember_0083 CharlieDecember_0086

Lately, he has become SUCH a good little photographer. Jake's old camera has now become his camera.  It is real with a full battery and memory card. The photos he takes are hilarious.  I am thinking about putting together a blog post JUST of Charlie's photos!!! :)


And my favorite!!!! <3 Such handsome dudes I am surrounded by!