Our 4th of July Celebration

Well all our preparations and hard work getting ready for the 4th of July party paid off because it was a blast and yummy too!  It was a third year celebrating the 4th at our home and we pretty much got the groove of it now.  However, each year we like to change something to make it just a little different, so this year we spiced things up a bit in the food department. For dinner we had marinated burgers with avocado relish and arugala garnish, olive oil and chili pepper seasoned corn, watermelon feta, and Jake's mom's famous potato salad (made with vinegar instead of mayo...oh so delicious).   We enjoyed all that by sipping down on some lavendar lemonade and sweet tea, all homemade.  Then for the fireworks show we sat out on our front lawn with homemade ice cream, banberry pie and brownies.

But you can't change everything up, because every year we have the tradition of after fireworks doing some light painting with sparklers...don't know what that is??  Scroll all the way down and see!

So this a photo of Jake preparing for the party...note: we did no dirt bike riding.  But it still needed to be cleaned?

Dirt-Bike-CleaningSo while Jake was busy cleaning is bike, I was unwrapping hundreds of sparklers...oy! Sparklers-4th-of-july

Welcome to our home!Chalkboard-decorations-1 fourth-of-july-decorations-1 old-4th-of-july-postcards 4th-of-july-decorations-1 Fourth-of-July-decorations 4th-of-july-drinks lavender-lemonade-1 lavendar-lemonade spa-water fourth-of-july-appitzers Chalkboard-decorations

Get it? ;) Cheesy...I know.let-freedom-ring sparklers-decorations happy-fourth-of-july water-balloons 4th-of-july-party-1 baby-4th-of-july-outfitbaby-fourth-of-july-phototoddler-4th-of-july-outfitbaby-photography4th-of-july-party4th-of-july-party-2baby-photography-1mommy-and-babybaby-photography-3baby-fourth-of-july

Getting all ready to do some light painting!light-painting Happy Birthday 'Muricamuricalight-painting-4light-painting-2light-painting-1light-painting-7

The CUZNs (cousins).light-painting-3 light-painting-5 light-painting-6

Our epic shots of the night!backlighting backlighting-and-fog fog-and-backlighting

Winner of the epic shot...dad!epic-shot

Hope everyone had a great 4th!