2012 Burroughs Prom - Woodstock Group

Ms. Aguilera rolled out the red carpet (literally) for her son, Nick's, senior prom. She invited his group of friends, notoriously known as "Woodstock", over for an elegant pre-party to prom. She set out beautiful trays of fruit, quiche, and pigs-in-a-blanket and they popped bottles of Martinelli (sparkling cider, ahem!).
The "Woodstock" crew arrived at Ms. Aguilera's home an hour before their pictures at Johnny Carson park. They wanted to capture their looks before letting it all go on the dance floor that night in a fashion warehouse in Downtown LA.
I hope everyone can look back on these pictures years from now and smile. Thank you Woodstock for letting us have a great time taking your portraits.
P.S. If you are apart of this prom and want to get your pictures just shoot us over an emailĀ [email protected]
- Jake and Becca Berg
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