2 Year Wedding Anniversary


I married my best friend 2 years ago today.  Pouring down rain and shoes that were full of water and rocks from walking around, it could not have been a more perfect day!  Marriage is such a blessing...Guaranteed a best friend for life?  Now that sounds amazing.  What I have learned about marriage in these past two years is that it makes you a better person.  Jake has always lifted me up, pushed me on, and been my support.  God being our backbone, we know life will always be this good! :)

I thought I would share this journal since it holds the story leading up to our wedding.  About a week after Jake and I started dating, I had the idea to start a journal.  My goal was to write in it everyday.  So I did for a year...I wrote about whatever was on my mind, what we did that day, what we talked about, goals, the future...you name it.  Jake never read it or knew I was writing in this.  I gave it to him a few months before we got married.  Looking back and reading each entry together, was like reading a love story...except that love story was our own.  Moments that Jake and I would probably forget when we get older will always be remembered when we read our journal.




wedding-anniversary-photoI think Jake's eyes are closed in this photo, but we rarely get photos together, so I love it.  Taken this weekend at Zaca

Here's to 100 more years! Becca

Wedding Photo Credit: Luster Studios