1 Year Later - Thank you!

This time last year Jake and I were sitting around delicious home-grilled Omaha steak talking about our future plans with our businesses.  What was working, what wasn't...and ultimately how we are going to keep marching on being absolutely 100% happy with what we do. "Well what exactly do you want?" Jake asked me.  I knew what I wanted in my head, but I could not get myself to say it out loud.

"I want to be a photographer," I mumbled.


"What do you want?"

"I want to be a photographer," I said a little louder.


"Ugh, fine!  I want to be a photographer!!!!" I shouted.


I was just doing photography as a 'hobby'.  I never blogged.  My website had photos on it from years ago.  I wanted so badly to be more successful in my photography, but that was not going change if I was just sitting around in my comfort zone doing nothing to help challenge me to grow.  Jake made me shout what I wanted at the top of my lungs so I can hear it and believe it.  You can't get anywhere without you believe in yourself first.

From the night on, we reworked my webpage, got better photography gear, and started a blog.  My blog has been my driving force for my business.  Not only can people see my work, but they can see who I am and what drives me!

So for the last year, I have blogged consistently, 150 posts to be exact.  I have booked more shoots because of that and increased our wedding bookings!  God has been very good to us.  I am very thankful to all my fellow blog readers.  Thank you for helping my business grow.  Looking forward to sharing much, much more with you!


Love, Becca